Thiel College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates here at Thiel College are some of the nicest and most genuine people i've met, they are all so respectful, and everyone is here to better there life, and work harder and harder everyday to get to where they wanna be in life.


My classmates vary like any school a person attend to; there are the shy ones, the outgoing ones, but overall everyone is a person that if you get to know them can become a good friend.


My classmates are very productive and interact all the time.


My classmates at Thiel College are a veriety of "colors", everyperson has their own personality but everyone is friendly.


My classmates are nice and they want to do the best that they can in classes.


Usually, people are very kind and respectful! Although, there will always be rude people, there are a lot more nice people around campus! I always see students holding doors open when people have too many things in their hands. People are willing to help any way they can. It's very easy to make friends, just be outgoing!


My classmates were the best I have ever had due to their passion for their major, motivation, caring, genuine, and hard-working mentalities.


I find that my classmates are very bubbly and very welcoming to anyone they meet.


My classmates are young, attractive and naive about the world.


My classmates were fun, loyal, trusting, and memorable.


The best friends and worst enemies I will ever make.


It is a very small school where everyone knows everyone, so it is nice because it is easy to find a friend or someone to talk to around campus if your bored!