Thiel College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Thiel College is mostly known for their business and education programs. Many alumni who I have encountered over the last three years have said remarkable things about the success they had after graduation, due to the well prepairedness brought to them by the professors. Thiel is also known for the different sororities and fratenities for these groups do a lot of philanthropy work to not only their indivivual philanthropys but to also give back to the town of Greenville.


Lincoln University is best known for its pride and determination.


Thiel College is a wonderful Liberal Arts College. Our teaching curriculum is one of the best that Pennsylvania has to offer. In my opinion, Thiel's greatest asset is how they empower students to suceed and experience life. One of their important goals is to make sure that each student gets the education that he/she wants. Thiel College has many different athletic programs and extracurricular activities, but it always comes back to the students. Their main objective is to see that their students acheive.


Mostly everyone who goes to my school plays a sport.




Our school was best known for being a small college with good professors.


Being small & boring.




It's best known for the drama among the students... Thiel has the nickname of "Thiel High School"