Thiel College Top Questions

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the social life where every student feels they need to have fun and make sure others have fun as well, the friendly environment where nobody feels out of place, and the kind and warm welcomes by the professors each day


Thiel College is a very small campus. Some may consider this a bad thing but in reality it just means that everyone turns into a large family. Also, the people that attend Thiel are very diverse, meaning you can meet people from all over.


It is very small, but still diverse in the students that are here.


Its a dry campus.


Thiel is so unique because it is a very small campus and the smaller the campus the less students. Being in a small private college benefits me because I have less students in my class and that gives my professors a chance to get to know me and help me when i need it. I think this was a great college for me because I'll get all the help I need to be successful.


Its small and every student can really get to know their professors.


It was very small and gave me the opportunity to build close relationships with my professors.


small size and campus


The professors are the best in the business.