Thiel College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who isn't motivated or have the passion to follow through on their career and personal goals. The kind of person who shouldn't attend is one who feels the need to become sluggish about their school work and the responsibility to follow through with their classes.


Thiel College is a small Liberal Arts College. If your looking for a big campus, this might not be the best place for you. Any one who has the drive and willingness to suceed can attend Thiel College. Even if your organizational skills and maturity has not kicked in yet, there are many individuals here to help anyone to suceed. College is a step in life that all young adults should be able to enjoy and experience.


This school is mostly for the younger generation. I don't think people over the age of 25 should attend this college.


Anyone who's looking for teacher's who care or a financial aide office which is willing to help! If you're poor, stay away! Theil will charge you for things they can't provide reasons for. They also do not inform their students about how much they will owe until the end of the semester, when they hit you with the real price of the school and refuse to make an appointment with you! Talk to students before applying to find out the truth, almost anyone will tell you!


If you like big cities and a lot of things to do, Thiel is not for you. Thiel is also a dry campus so if you like to party on campus this is not the place for you either. It is a very small school.


A person who is a city person.


A person that likes action, and a fan of big crowds


Very liberal


One who enjoys a small community and who will work hard to achieve his/her degree.


I feel that every person would enjoy the college. The only person(s) that I feel would not benefit from Thiel's campus are ones that are expecting to get their education handed to them instead of applying themselves in academic and social aspects. People that are used to doing the bare minimal have the most difficulty at Thiel because the professors are looking for students that are willing to go above and beyond the assignment given. Also, Thiel's small rural campus might also be daunting to students that prefer larger urban settings.

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