Thiel College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small classes and sense of community all throughout the campus. Most people know you and you know them and that is a really neat thing. The teachers are always accesible for out of class meetings and help. I also love that you are not just a face in the crowd here.


the people you meet are unforgettable and the school tries it best to have as many activiteis as possoble to keep students fomr getting bored in the small community.


The best thing about thiel is actually the size. It's a small school so i feel like being there is home and the students are my family. Mainly everyone gets along and its such a peaceful enviornment. It's not an overwhelming school. You feel like there's time for everything and you get so much help along the way. Teachers are so devoted to students and helping us be the best we can be. on top of that the school is so generous with fianacial aid. I love being at thiel so much. It's home.


The attentiveness of the professors and their focus on having students succeed.


The best thing about Thiel College is the small campus. I am able to get the one on one attention from professors, similar to high school. Also, it was easy to get to know the other students, freshmen and upper classmen.


the close relationships you can form with friends and professors; the student to faculty ratio


The Business Program, the professors are amazing and very helpful when you are stuck or just need someone to talk to.