Thomas College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of people who shouldnt come here are people who are looking to go pro in athletics. We are a division three school and just play becuase we love it. People who HATE the cold and snow probably shouldn't come to Waterville! And kids who don't like small towns and need busy, busy atmospheres should not attend Thomas.


A person who should not attend Thomas College is a person looking for a large school, and a busy city/town. Thomas has alot to offer but has very small callrooms, not football team, and no frat houses. Thomas is in a small town in Maine, which isnt very busy at all, unless its an on-campus activity.


Liberal Arts focused students. Thomas is a highly career orientated school.


someone who wants a diverse sschool wuith a lot to do. also someone who is social. and also someone who is looking for a variety of classes