Thomas College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My senior year of high school, I was very naive. I thought college would be all fun and games, meeting new people and it being like what we have all experienced in movies and on television. Once I got onto campus I soon realized that I was mistaken. It takes a lot of hard work to balance the workload and personal life plus you add into that jobs or relationships and it’s an almost a tornado of disaster waiting to hit, unless you learn to properly manage your time. The first piece of advice I would give myself would be to understand that I am at this institution for a purpose, and that purpose is not to have fun and goof off but yet to stay focused and get my degree. I would also tell my past self to relax and not let school take over who you are as a person, don’t let it compromise who you are on the inside. Say what is truly in your heart and on your mind, don’t let others run down your thoughts or ideas.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to save my money. That is probably the biggest thing that I am still working at doing while I am in college. I would also tell myself to get a job over the summer to help pay for my own expenses and to be proud that I got all my scholarships, but that extra curricular activities are college expenses also that our parents should not have to pay for. The very last thing I would tell myself is that I shouldnt quit playing sports. It is something that you love and makes you so happy. There is plenty of time to be a grown up and not have time for the one thing you love more than anything in the world, and that can happen after you graduate. But for now, enjoy the game that you love and play with your whole heart.


If I could go back and give myself advice I would say take it slow, make as many friends as you can and dont try to rush by or make the time go by faster in college, dont put things off till the last minute and put 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into everything you do. It is worth it in the end and the grades really do matter, even if the class seems stupid at the time. Your grade points matter and your GPA is a big deal, it makes or breaks scholarships, grants and loans, which are important for college. Playing sports is fun, but it also takes up a lot of your time, so you need to make sure your schoolwork is done, even if you are going on a trip for a sport. You make friends and lose them all throughout school but thats the way it happens, focus on your school work not the social aspect of school, that doesnt matter in the long run anyway, jobs dont care how many friends you had or what parties you went to, they care about how well you did and what you focused on in school. Do your best at everything.


Coming to Thomas College has changed my life for the best. I came with almost no self-confidence and very scared and unsure about everything. After attending two full years I have formed very strong friendships both with my peers and with the professors. The classes I have taken have opened my eyes and my mind to more possibilities and than I could have imagined. I have come to know more about myself and I have gained a voice. I'm much more confident in my ability to overcome challenges in life. Because of attending Thomas I have learned to quiet my mind and be more at peace with myself in hopes of becoming a healthier and more balanced individual. Of course I still have a lot to learn and a lot to work on but Thomas College has given me the tools to achieve those things I thought were impossible.


Since going to Thomas College I have learned many lessons, and experienced things I never would have or even could have at other schools. My freshman year at Thomas I attended numerous basketball games, and watched the team go to the play off's and almost win the NAC. I also experienced an awful case of shingles, mono, and staph infection all at once while i was a freshman, this taught me alot, and most of all taught me how to communicate better, so my teachers understood what was going on. The best experience I have had up at Thomas has to be my 35 hours of in the classroom time, in Elementary schools around the Waterville area. This taught me more about myself and more about what I wanted to be when I left Thomas.


So far, I have learned how to be a good student. I get my work done on time and I do it well. I have taken microeconomics and composition one while still in high school and it is a great way to transition from high school life to college life. It is valuable to attend Thomas College because I will be able to start a successful career and lead a great life for myself.


If I could go back and time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing I would tell myself is to disregard where my friends were going and to remember that I wanted to go to school to further my education and make new friends to share experiences with. I did not have the opportunity to go around the state, or region, to tour campuses, so I was not completely sure what was out there?if I went back in time I would tell myself to do as much research as I could online about the campuses, the academics, and the student involvement of the schools I was interested in. I would tell myself that it is important to have activities that I will enjoy on campus in order to truly enjoy my experience. Most importantly, I would tell myself to look for schools that seem fitting to my beliefs and that are strongly involved in seeing their students succeed; I would make it clear that in the long run my success in school is going to be what gives me the best start in my new life on my own.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior , I would tell myself to slow down. Towards the end of high school my father was unfourtanatly battling MS for 6 years. and placed on hospice the year to follow. Losing a parent eairly certenly jump started my maturitly level much faster then the rest of my friends, leaving me feeling a little out of place. It was hard to talk to any one. If i got the chance to go back to my "senior self" would tell myself to stop worring so much and enjoy what you have, to follow your dreams of becoming a nurse, and assure myself that thats your right path. To be confident in who you are because there isnt many people that have what you have, your smart and caring and have a great heart. Be proud! follow your Dreams.


I'm tempted to say that I wouldn't give myself any advice. However, if I were to go back in time and visit myself as a senior in high school again I would probably tell myself to be more optimistic and positive toward new roommates. I've been through four roomates since I started college in the fall of 2008. I got along well with all of them but before meeting two of them all I could think of were the negative things. My mind was rushing through every possible worst case scenario. What if she likes to party? What is she has people in our room all the time? These questions and more formed the negative thoughts in my head. So, if I were to go back and see myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to be more optimistic in regard to new roommates. I would also maybe advise myself to strive higher in my academics, higher than I ever did in high school. If I had decided to do this before starting college I might have been doing it now. My academics aren't horrible, but there's always room for improvement.


DO MORE SCHOLARSHIPS RESEARCH!!!!! You are going to need it to finish you sophmore year at school


Really sit down and think about what you like and dont like. You may not have much to go on, but in your high school, think about what class sizes did you most enjoy? Where you active in the school? Do you enjoy the city or country life? Once you come up with a list THEN look for your schools. You will be there for 4 years so you want to choose a location that will fit you. Don't choose a school first then location, do it backwards! Doing it this way allows you to find schools you never knew about before and can find ones that better suite you, rather than limiting yourself to only schools you already knew about. And as far as moving away from friends and family, you will meet all kinds of new friends (remember they are going to be going through what you will be too) and you can always visit family and friends back home during vacations and weekends! Do the research, make sure you know what matters and doesnt matter for you, and I assure you that you will love where you go to!


I would say to find a college that is fair, and actually listens to the concerns of students. There is a difference between keeping students safe, and attending a college where any form of fun is illegal.


Getting involved on campus is one of the most important parts in making life on camps worth the ecperiance. By getting involved, you have the oppentunity to meet new people, learn about different work and learning styles, as well as learning time management skills, and by gaining a sense of responsibility.


Talk to people who had gone to the school in the past. Look at the overall attitude of the students at the school. Look at the cost benefit. Look at the extra curricular activities. Look at the overall grounds and how well it is kept. Take a surprise visit during the off season when they aren't planning on you coming--many times schools provide better than normal lunches and better upkeep during typical student visit times. Look at how quickly they respond to your questions and how directly they answer it.


When chosing the right college for you, take in to consideration, first where you want to be. If you want to be close to your family, then stay close to home. Also look at what the school has to offer for classes. Will this school have what you need to fulfill your educational needs? Talk with current students to get thier opinions. Do some research about the students who go there by using facebook or myspace, and make connections. The only way you can make the most out of your college experience is to try your best. Enjoy the experience and have no regrets. Do not ever feel like you are wasting your money. If you feel this way, transfer to a new school!


I would say that finding a college that best fits yourself and your financial situation is critical. With the economy being so clustered at this time I believe everyone is squeezing for a few extra pennies. Pick a school that forfills your needs not your friends or families, yours. Choose a school that is going to help you financially and one that seems to be interested in you and not just your money. I now commute to school three days a week and it has saved me a good amount of money. I attend a small rual school that is more than willing to accomadate my needs. It is very comforting knowing that the school is able to financially adjust, to enable me to contnue my education. To the parents and students, money is the very key to your education and we all know it. In the end pick a school that fits you. Later on in life your boss isn't going to be looking at what school you attended or didn't attend they will however be looking at the fact that you have a college degree no matter where you recieved it.


I would tell future stuents to go to the school first. I would also recommend them going to visit a class while in session and see what the dorm looks like that they might live in.


I believe that when you are searching for a college to attend you have to take in mind the cost. Obviously you know if you can or can not afford the school. But there are always ways around that such as loans, grants and scholarships. Size is also a factor to look at. Huge schools can offer so much as opposed to a smaller school, and larger schools can be very overwhelming. For smaller schools, you have to look at what is offered, and obviously there is a minimum of courses, sports and extra activities. But with a small school, comes smaller class sizes and more personal help. The key for your first year of attending school is to always give it a chance. If you realize you are not sure about the school or not, give it another chance. Sometimes it works out in the end. And finally, you meet the most amazing people in college, and they become a huge part of your life. College teaches you not only academic studies but life lessons and limits. You do honestly find out who you are, and gain a great apprecation for yourself and others.