Thomas Edison State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not driven or self-disciplined would never pass courses in this college, since all classes are online.


Thomas Edison State College is for adults who are goal oriented driven individuals whom strive to excel. I do not recommend this school to individuals who do not seek a challenge and shy away from hard work. This school is a four year degree granting school, expect difficulties and don't give up, keep pushing forward and learn from your mistakes. If this is not you, then this is not a college you want to attend.


I was attending this school online. So, I would say that anyone considering this should be dedicated, self-motivated, and organized. They should be able to teach themselves rather well and be able to learn from reading texts books. This should help rule out people that would not suceed.


Someone who is not independent, who needs someone constanty holding their hand and telling them what to do in a steo-by-step fashion. If you are OCD or have trouble "rolling with the punches" and being able to handle unexpected complications.

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