Thomas Edison State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I really have no complaints or frustrations as I have just started attending. It is a bit strange to get used to the lack of in person interaction, but facinating at the same time.


The most frustrating is the way the financial aid works. They take the aid and pay the tuition, but any extra (which is not much and I use for books) does not get dispersed until the toward the end of the school year. So rather than putting the books and expenses related to school on my credit card and waiting several months for my check, it would be better if they gave me the extra in the begining of the year so I could use it.


The distance


Getting a timely response and consistent answer from staff.


TESC is a wonderful school; however, sometimes the adminstration and records departments are extremely slow. It seems to take forever to get simple things like transcripts updated which can delay registering for classes. There is definitely room for improvement in the customer service area.


Waking up in the morning and realizing there is no coffee.


There is not a lot of communication from the staff. Because I am doing their online school, communication is by e-mail. Reponse time is slow and eve then when they do e-mail back they do not always address the question. They also have system maintenance during registration, which means that during that time you cannot access your account or sign up for classes.

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