Thomas Edison State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I returned to school in 2011, in concurrent with a deployment in Afghanistan, I wish I had known this college was in participation with GO Army Ed Tuition Assistance program. I did not know this school existed because of the lack of marketing. I recommend this school to begin marketing for veterans and active duty soldiers, who want to earn their degrees.


How to get financial aid.


I attended TESC as a distance learning student. It was military spouse. It allowed me to transfer previous credits earned at other schools. I wish there was more financial aid available. I was only able to receive federal assistance as everything was reserved for NJ state residents. As military spouse I was allowed resident tuition but was not able to receive any grants or scholarships for residents. They also do not give awards at graduation and graduation fees are required whether you travel for the ceremony in NJ or not. I would love to receive the gown I paid for.


no answer


more calculus

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