Thomas Nelson Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I wish I would have finished many years ago instead of going now. A degree is very important to have and you can not take that for granted. It was hard being a single mom with no formal education. I have been blessed to have gotten a good job, but I could have gone further had I had the education. It is never too late to go back to school, but I encourage all students who are in high school, to go ahead to college and better yourself, you will need it for the future.


There have been many times that I have stopped to think about what I could have, should have, and would have done differently during my high school career. Based on what I have learned since graduating high school, the best advice I would give my self would be to relax. Stress and worry are a huge factor in life, but they should not control you. Just take a few moments to breathe and collect yourself. Once you have cleared your head, do those scholarships you have been putting on hold. Do your essay that you have been procrastinating on. You know you have the ability to get through these classes, so there should be nothing stopping you. If you think I am wrong, go get help. There is always someone who will help you if you ask. My senior year of high school did not go according to plan. However, I am gradually coming to the realization that it is necessary to discipline myself to fight off procrastination and to ask for help when my stress levels get too high.


Take school seriously, get it out of the way before it is too late. You need a degree to be successful in life.


When i was in High School, i did have homeworks and classworks to do but in college, it is different. In High School, our teachers and used to help us with our homework and classworks. On the other hand, in college, you have to do your work by yourselves. In High School there are rules and regulations which one cannot break, because there will be punishments for ones actions. College on the other hand, is a choice if one wants to attend or not. In college, one continues on their way of discovering who they are, and by the time they graduate, they have discovered themselves and are comfortable in their own skin. Truly, I love college and all the freedom that it offers. Now I am learning to be a better person and to think more critically. The advice that i would give to myself is that college students gets more freedom and they don't have to be on time for class. But it is your total responsibility to pass the class there will be no one to punish you like High School. Clearly, everything you do is your responsibility and you are responsible for your own actions.


Seeing myself on the firt day of my senior year would be a shock. I know I would have to convince myself that I am, in fact, me in the future. As skeptical as I am, just seeing my own face would not suffice. I would have to explain where my birthmark is or relay some type of intimate detail. After persuading myself, I will remember that my grades weren't the best and I wasnt thinking about school in my future. At that age, I knew what I was good at but did not have the motivation to accomplish such. Therefore, I would explain to myself the importance of self discipline. I'd tell myself to get a pen and paper, write what I say, and post it on your room wall. "Self-discipline is a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from weakness, fear, and doubt. Self-discipline allows a person to feel his individuality, his inner strength, and his talent. He is master of, rather than a slave to, his thoughts and emotions. If you know what you want to achieve in life don't be afraid to go after it." H.A. Dorfman.


As a high school senior preparing for the transition into college life, I would have advised myself to be career oriented, focused and determined to have the mindset to achieve my goals with earnest hard work; along with the efficient study skills to pursue and obtain my degree. Preparation is one of the key fundamentals of essential readiness in a college setting. Positive encouragement and reinforcement along with feedback from my family and friends helped me in the decision to continue my education. After weighing my possiblities, I chose to pursue a career in nursing. Having a heart of empathy and compassion are some of my attributes; that manifested themselves in my decision to pursue my career in nursing. Because I am a strong, driven woman I know that the sky is the limit; and that no goal is unreachable.


Academic wise I was prepared for school, although I would have to tell myself to quit procrastinating as much. What I was not preoared for was the finacial responsibility. I would tell myself to save every cent from my summer job and to apply for every scholorship and grant that I could find . My dream was to go to an out of state or abroad school, but my family could not put any money aside for it. I would tell myself that a community college is a perfect way to begin my higher education, and to save up for my junior year to travel abroad and transfer to a university for my masters and doctorate. The most important thing I would tell myself though is to go out and enjoy high school, participate in clubs and sports. After all you only recieve one high school experience and you do not want to look back at it with regrets.


I would tell myself to go visit the schools that I?ve met the criteria with and ask questions that interest me in my social life and athletic life. Ask the coaches about NCAA rules and how will it affect me as a freshmen or transfer student. I would ask the counselors about my major, are there tutors that can help me when I know a subject is my weak point. Mostly ask questions that will benefit me and keep me interested in the school to stay all four years or five, depending if they have a masters program. College Board doesn?t give the whole tour of the college/university so what questions I might have I would like for someone to answer them if I couldn?t find them off the web. Try to get familiar with the surroundings of the school. Are there any food places that can deliver if you don?t have a car, or is it in walking distance. Try to find how close the nearest hospital in case something goes wrong and your parents can?t reach you in time. All of these questions will go far in the long run.


Go to class, go to class, go to class! Even if it's 85 degrees and the beach is 2 miles away, go to class!!!! Also, I would tell myself that it is really not that bad, and it will be over soon if I stay on course. Make friends. Get involved. The more involved you are, the more emotionally connected you are to your education. Making friends is not just good for college night at the local nightclub! A friend that is studious can motivate you, directly or indirectly, and foster a healthy competition. Join a club. Play a sport. Join a fantasy league. Do whatever! Just really get yourself involved. That connection with your school and peers will tether you to your school. Knowing that people are relying on you will force you to do your work, especially when you are not motivated to do it. I would tell myself that I know that I won't listen to this advice right now because I am young and I "know it all", but follow this advice. You don't have to learn everything the hard way!!!


Apply early and do all the scholarships you can and don't go to a college because that is a well known college do what u want to do