Thomas University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Thomas University know before they start?


I would have told myself to study hard and take school serious. Do not waste time on foolish acts. Do not take life for granted also be positive about everything and live life to the fullnest always. No matter what color of your skin is always do your best in all you do. At my age in life I have learned alot of things going back to college. And I refuse to give up now even at age 52. Life is what you make it to be and no one in this life can make that choice for you, you are the only one who have power over self.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would remind myself to trust the process of life. Things will not necessarily go as planned and that is okay. Change is stressful whether it is good or bad, so try not to worry so much. Focus on apply that information. Volunteer to feed the homeless, help the poor, talk to the elderly, spend time with your family and show love to those who are less fortunate. Lastly, don't ever try to be better than someone else but try to better than YOURSELF everyday!


Make searching and applying for scholarships one of your top priorities! All that you do when you try to pay for it yourself is drain your bank account and stress yourself out. Don't be afraid to go to school full time, but always remember to take a break and have coffee with your friends every now and then. Traveling is also an excelent way to learn and grow, so if the opportunity arises, and you can afford it, and it won't interfere with school, go for it! Life is short, and you know what you want to do, so persue your dream of full time ministry, and don't let anything stand in your way, because God blesses those who seek to serve Him. Stay deeply rooted in God's Word, and pray regularly, because "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31 b). Keep going to church, and remember what your parents taught you, and you'll be just fine!


Procrastination is your worst enemy. Know it, and overcome it, as it will only hold you back. College is your road to the future, so do well. Interact with your professors and advisors and take a variety of classes, as it will help you determine what career choices would make you happiest.


If i could go back to high school in time to talk to myself i would tell him to save up his money like he needs to and be mentally preparred and make the best decision for yourself and go to school in atlanta the first chance he gets if he wants to start fresh with basketball that way he will not have to worry about financial aid as much and having money.


What i recieved was an education. It is very valuable to me because i know it will stick with me forever.


My recent college experience has been valuable to me in a way that most students may not understand. As a non traditional student I am 33 years old and have returned to complete my college education after 14 years of being out of school. I have found after all these years education is very important to maintain any lifestyle. But it is even more important to me to show my children that learning never ends, no matter how old you are. In order to be successful you must take the initiative to accomplish your goals and dreams of becoming who you want to be in life. My college education gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment after dropping out of high school and becoming a teen mother of three. And now I have the opportunity to show myself that I can still become the woman I was meant to be. No matter how much you think you may know there is always something new you can learn.


I love going to college. It is learning the new things and being able to grow that I enjoy. The climb has been really hard because I have had no outside financial help. Student loans are piling up and that makes it less enjoyable from a worry stand point. My parents are struggling in a small newer business. I think in taking the student loans out financial aid does not look at the overall picture. I am the one that is paying them back. Consequently, I work the 4 jobs. I don't mind that either but I think it would be nice to be able to get some of the help I need here. I know one thing and that is the basic foundation I keep working toward. Education is needed in life and is one of the most important foundations you can build your life on. I have that foremost in my mind. I know I will succeed because I refuse to quit. My mom has been a great example for me in that respect. I only ask that you see me from the stand point my heart is striving for.


My college experience has been enlightening. I had always wanted to go to college, but my family was large and couldn't afford to send me. In retrospect, I suppose I would never have gotten what the value of college is at that age, so I guess the saying, "Things happen for a reason." apply to this. College is wonderful. I go to a very small community college. The maximum class size has been around 25 students. The teachers know you by name. They know and care when they see you stumble. I have "re-learned" so much! I took 4 history classes just so I could absorb the story of this wonderful country I live in. I love being with young men and women who are the same age as my oldest child. Many of them miss their home and parents more than they would ever admit. I tell them to value their parents, show respect and try to honor them by doing well in school. I don't know if my message gets across all the time, but I try. Education is something no one can ever take away from you. It's as personal as your fingerprint.


I would tell myself to get involved more. I should be involed in groups and in a social life. This would help get through college. It would give me a support group.