Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates at Toccoa Falls College are very helpful, kind, and encouraging.


My classmates are wonderful. They are very sweet individuals who genuinely care about their classmates and their welfare. They are very diverse, ranging from many cultures and majors, but if you are looking for many cultures and races, Toccoa Falls College is a school for you. Watching the passion in many of my classmates lives has made me pursue even more my passion in life and what God has for me in my future.


Most of my classmates are respectable individuals who love getting to know you and are willing to help you with school work, issues you may have, and your spiritual life (walk with God).


Most of my classmates are Christians, love the Lord, yet are still young and don't have a single-focused goal to reach through their studies.


The student body here is diverse in background, experience, age, ambitions, and dreams - but we are all unified and we strive to encourage others in the pursuit of their goals.


Many of my classmates are focused on their adacemics. They are driven by future goals and strive to succeed. Active discussion, frequent questions, and a desire to interact with the material presented is common amonst them. Students seems to get along well with each other and benefit from classroom interaction. There are a select few of my classmates that are the complete oppostie. They present a sense of apathy when they enter the room and show disinterest in learning much from the courses. Unfortunately, they leave the school regretting thier decisions and wishing they could have a second chance.


My classmates are very focused and take their subject matter seriously and with enthusiasm.


Very friendly and open to each students ideas and contribution to the class disscusion.


My classmates are generally caring and considerate. Here at Toccoa Falls College each person strongly feels as if he or she is a part of a significant academic and spiritual community. The student population is just right to help provide this sense of community. .I have been strengthened and challenged in my views by fellow students, but always in a positive way. Students care about their studies and are a significant part of my own.


Men and women who eagerly seek to know more fully their creator.


My classmates are extremely driven and spiritually gifted individuals who want to use their talents and education to bring glory to God.


Almost everyone is caring and accepting, willing to reach out to other people to befriend them and love them, and a lot of the students are enthusiastic and eager to learn, rather than having a negative attitude towards classes and homework.


They were amazing, encouraging and accepting.


My classmates are diverse, some being more friendly than others and some being more concerned with academics than others, but for the most part, my classmates are interested in the world arovelope>m and serious about life, willing to put hard work into making an impact on others.


My classmates are kind and engaging but we tend to stick with the people that we know and don't branch out to meet new people in class.

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