Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The School of Toccoa Falls College is best known for the change in chararcter that happens during the course of these critical years of college as an undergraduate. The school i attend is known specifically for our waterfall, it represents more than just the beauty of nature. This waterfall at Toccoa Falls College also represents something more near to the hearts of the students, it represents the beauty in change. It is acquired through education and through personal experiences, this school is more like home than i have ever known.


Toccoa Falls College is best known for growing young men and women in their Christianity and helping them pursue their goals. To me, TFC is best known for helping my dad become the great man he is; a pastor, missionary, father, and husband, and great at each one.


It is a Christian School that is known for a rigorous curriculum and a strong spiritual foundation


Toccoa Falls College is a Christian College that uniquely integrates biblical truth, academic excellence and intentional spiritual formation within a caring Christian community.


My school is best known for Toccoa Falls which is located on our beautiful campus. The waterfall is 186 feet high and it is really beautiful. It's a good place to relax and enjoy nature. The waterfall attracts many tourists who come and take picures and enjoy the scenery.


Missions, it's waterfall and all the outdoors hiking, etc. available.


Its beautiful landscape as well as friendly people and excellent academic programs.


Our school is best know for the water fall on campus and it's missions program. It has one of the best cross-cultural programs in the US.




I think the school was best known for having multiple waterfalls on campus, or perhaps the flood.

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