Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

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The two things that stood out to me is the little close-knit community we have within the college and the willingness and effort of myself and my fellow students to reach those who my be different from us and or struggling.


The close community, which builds amazing friendships that last a lifetime.


Compared to other schools I considered, my school is unique because is has less than 1000 students, has a required 30 hours of Bible-related classes for every student, has access to three waterfalls on campus, and is so small that there is quite a close-knit relationship between the faculty and staff and the student body. The students often develop close relationships with their professors and various members of the faculty on campus. I also think Toccoa is unique because drugs and sex are not emphasized here, but we do not get the full college sports experience.


The small town environment. The beautiful 186 foot waterfall on campus. Small class size. The Biblical focus of the campus community.


Compared to other schools I considered, my school is unique because of its caring and enjoyable community. A Christian school were one is free to worship God in whatever way they want to worship and praise.


I think tthat the most unigue thing about TFC is that the students here all no each other, and we have a tight knit community. Before coming to TFC, I went to another college; at that college I felt like I didn't belong in anyone's group. However, here at Toccoa, I feel accepted by anyone. The students here don't care about your ethnic background or how much money you make.; they care about who you are as a person and as a follower of Christ. The feeling of acceptance and love overpowers every new students at TFC.


Toccoa Falls College is unique to me because it best prepares me for the field of work into which I will go. There are many other great schools I considered, but I realized that none of them would prepare me for going into ministry like Toccoa. Since I am going to be a missionary, Toccoa attracted me because they are strongly missions-oriented. Along with this focus, they also provide seminars and fairs that give direction and guidance toward organizations with whom I can work with in the future. Besides that, we have a beautiful waterfall right on campus :-) !


The spititual community of Toccoa Falls College is an enganging and friendly atmosphere to be in. I beleive this is something that makes TFC unique .... other christian colleges say trhey are "christian", but for the most part what goes on at there schools does not represent what they say they stand for .

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