Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Toccoa Falls College has a lot of great things to brag about. My personal favorite is the beauty of the falls, where the serenity of nature creates the perfect enviornment for studying, praying, or thinking. The community of students that attend is also a great asset the college has and the teachers really care to see the students become the best they can be. With a low student to teacher ratio, the students have a greater chance of acheiving the grades they want with extra help from the teachers.


It's a nice small school with a watefall o campus.


A strong commitment to spiritual growth and character development. Caring professors.


The atmosphere with the teachers is one of the best I have ever seen. I love how we get involved with the community and really try to outreach to those who are lost and in need of something better. Life here is great if you let it be because their are many distractions to get you down the wrong road and y ou can really work on relationship skills.


All of the workers, leaders, and faculty at my school have the most amazing and real love for God that shows in their care and concern for the students.


We have 4 waterfalls on campus, and there is around 1000 acres of land of which the school only sits on around 90. There is also a hospital on campus, and the safety of the area is relatively good.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about its beautifull surroundings, the falls, the amazing community. How supportive the community is on trying to help everyone around them. Also, how one can find oneself enjoying the lectures. An administration that is willing to help one find financial aid and choose the career that is best for one.


The parties and all the fun things there are to do, as well as the quality of some of the facilities such as the gym


I brag about the fact that since the college is so small, it's so much like a family. I love the deep relationships that are formed with the other students and even some of the staff. Also, the classes are great and will be very beneficial to me. Finally, every one is so friendly and outgoing, and the staff and faculty are very amazing and helpful. Finally, the fact that it is a Christian college is so awesome because God is in the center of everything. That's the most exciting thing to me about Toccoa Falls College.


Though my school is not highly socially-oriented, it is research-oriented. Thus, I would brag with my friends that my school allows for in-depth thinking.


I am always bragging about the atmosphere that is created by the staff, faculty and the students. The community that is created helps to form your identity and is a source of strength, inspiration and encouragement. The loyalty, friendship, trust, wisdom, mentoring, leadership and love is something that is unparalled on other campuses. I feel that my education is not just in the classroom context but it is also within the community context of the campus where we are living life together.




I really dislike my school. I guess the nature is cool?


I brag about the fact that it has a waterfall on campus.


Some of the professors who have made huge changes in my life, my mentors.

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