Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


In my opinion, the worst thing about Toccoa Falls College is probably the dining hall. There aren't many healthy food choices or quality food choices. The dining hall should usually be a place where everyone comes together and bonds, but several people avoid it due to the poor food quality.


The worst thing about TFC is the fact that I'll have to graduate and leave someday! But seriously, I can't think of anything absolutely terrible, but here are a few of the let-downs: cafeteria food (It isn't horrible, but it could be better. They've improved it some since I came as a freshman.) the dorms are kind of old (most of the housing for juniors and seniors is new, but underclassmen get stuck having to call maintenance a lot to fix leaks and stuff) sometimes the admissions and financial aid departments aren't very organized


I would consider the worst thing the clicks. It feels like if you don't fit a certain mold than you are an outcast. You'll have friends but if you don't do everything Student Developement wants you to then it feels like they look down on you. I think it can be challenging to be different at this school because so many people at this school are all interested in the same things. It can cause you to question who you are, knowing you are a good person.


I think the worst thing about Toccoa Falls College is the food in the cafeteria. Although it is not the worst food in my life, the variety that they serve is very limited! You have days where you have a mexican day, a chicken patty day etc. If I could inprove the food at Toccoa Falls College I would add more of a vegetarian and Italian option to the menu.


Lack of updates on the school website


The worst thing aout my school is that we are in a small town so there is not very much to do unless you have car or you are friends with people who have cars. Other that this, I can proudly say that I love my school.


Curfew. It's midnight on Sunday through Thursday and 1 A.M. on Friday and Saturday. It was very inconvenient because I would get home from work after curfew on most nights, leaving me no time to socialize with people outside of my dorm. I had to plan everything around making it back to campus on time. However, they were fairly lenient if you had a good reason for being late (like work), but it was bothersome and unnecessary anyway.


The worst thing about this school is that at times you feel like there aren't a ton of people there who are similar enough to you. There aren't specifically groups of people that all share the same type of ideas of what is fun as I do. The biggest problem is that I haven't really found many girls that have the same values that I do.


Although I have come to appreciate the small, friendly town of Toccoa Falls College, it was very difficult to get used to such a quiet environment. At times, it can be somewhat difficult to find something fun to do on the the weekends while staying in town. Most shopping centers or malls other fun places to go with friends, other than hiking trails or other nature-oriented activities, require driving at least forty minutes away. Not only does it require planning, like finding a map, but it also costs a lot in gas.


It is a very rural area. Not much to do besides outdoor activities. It is also fairly expensive to go here.


There is little to do off campus. I f you do not like the outdoors there is only bowling, church, and Wal-Mart.


The worst thing about our school is that we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. It is easy to become bored because there aren't many exciting city-type aspects. So you have to learn to make fun for yourself and get our there to make new friends and find new activities to become involved in.


I fell like we are constantly being held back from our potential. We are confined within the school and have "expectations" placed on us, especially on the women on campus. Women get in trouble for the dubest things and guys are allowed to get away with so much more.


I consider the amount of rules to be the worst thing about the school because they force obedience to principals rather than teaching personal responsibility, leaving the student to face the real world of responsibility alone after graduation.


The worst thing about this school is the cafeteria food, its not generally good but since you have to pay for it anyway its something that you can get by on.


Lack of diversity in faculty and student body.

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