Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Toccoa Falls College is a great school for anyone to attend who is looking for a quality education.


A person that is not willing to be social and to reach out to those less needy because there will always be those people. A person that does not like helping out the community wouldn't do that great.


anyone who feels like religion will scare them or does not want to have a biblically based academic background.


someone who is uncomfortable around a lot of people. Anyone who is not outgoing should not attend this school.


You should not attend this school if you are looking for total freedom or big party atmosphere. Most people who attend this school would rather go on a hike or read a book than ever have a huge house party. Because of the expectations of the conservative campus, there are rules to abide by so if you do not like rules, this is not the school for you!


Although Toccoa Falls College is very open-minded and welcoming, it is a requirement that the incoming freshman has a relationship with Jesus Christ (a Christian). The degrees at Toccoa Falls do require a Biblical Studies minor, however, one does have the opportunity to graduate with one of several liberal arts degrees. Because this school has a strong emphasis on community outreach, the type of person considering Toccoa Falls College should value impacting their community and personal growth and maturity as well as acheiving a quality education.


A person who is not interested in spiritual growth, accountability or Jesus probably should not attend this school. This school obvioulsy does not look down upon or hate people like that, they are just not tolerant of a "typical college student lifestlye." Those who live a lifetstyle opposite of what Christ teaches probably would not get along with, or agree with what we learn.


People who are looking for something that represents the 'life of a party' and people who are interested in getting their degree with as little work as possible should not attend this school.


Non-Christians, satanists, liberals, people ith negative views of the world, God, people. People haters and those who hate community should not.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is the kind of person who has problems with authority figures, or having all of your classes relate to the Bible in some way or another.


A person who is into the party scene and who has a problem with authority and rules.


Someone who is going to school to party. TFC is a Christian school, and everyone on campus is very conservative. Drinking, drugs, and excessive partying are not indulged in by most students. This is a school that offers clean, safe, and godly socialization.

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