Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The quality of the food, and the rising price.


I wish I had known that the financial aid was insufficient for the school.


I wish I would have applied and got info sooner


I wish I had known more about the surrounding town because there is next to nothing to do unless you drive to Atlanta.


Before coming to Toccoa, I really wished I'd known more about handling and balancing my financial situation in college. I also wished I'd known how to deal with homesickness. I remember that I had a hard time adjusting because this was the firt time I've ever been away from my family but it was a wonderful learning experience and the people there really helped me alot.


I wish I had known that the program I was entering into had one of the more ridiculous teachers in it, and that it is impossible to avoid having her. She assigns too much work for it being one class, and then gives you other busy work on top of it that doesn't teach you anything. I'd never failed a class before I had one of hers, and its annoying to me. The program shouldn't be as hard as she makes it, and we could learn without it being this difficult.


I wish that I had know how amazing Toccoa Falls College truly was so that I would not have been nervous on my first day.


I wish I had known the lifestyle of the small town life of Toccoa. Up here, you have to create your own fun instead of relying on other sources of entertainment, so it would have saved me a lot of boring hours my freshman year if I had just gone out and had fun instead of waiting around wondering what to do.


I wish I had known that it the first semester is the most important semester to do well because if you do not you will always be playing catch up. Also if you do well and set good habits at the beginning it makes it a lot easier for the following semesters.


I wish I would have known more of the insider's perspective on certain issues and avenues for communication. Also, for some reason I was a bit let down by the size of the town in which the school is located, but now have grown to really enjoy it. I would have liked to have known that some of the resources I expected to be at the media center were of a lower quality than I had anticipated. I am speaking of the educational videos/dvds in particular.


I wish I had known how little there was to do around here. This town isn't exactly suited for your typical college student. Its boring and there's really nothing to do besides go out to eat and go shopping at Wal-Mart.


I wish I would have known how wonderful living in a community like this would be. That would have made it less difficult for me to move away from everything that I knew. I would have spent a lot more time investing myself in learning to be a part of a community, rather than prepare only myself to move away to school. Living with others is really what makes or breaks your college experience.


How people sometimes can be fake and not honest about how they really are doing... the lack of advising done to help when transferring courses and trying to figure out course many people there are to help you if you'll just ask


I wish i had known that there was very little to do here on campus. Students have to be intentional and very creative in order to find things to do on campus, especially if one does not own a car. Sometimes things are promised to students that aren't followed through with.

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