Toccoa Falls College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My favorite thing about TFC is the community atmosphere! Almost everyone here is really friendly. There are only about 800 students, so even if you don't know all of the other students, you recognize everyone, and no one looks at you weird if you say hi to someone you don't know when you pass them on the sidewalk. I know from experience that because of the Christian atmosphere, if you are in a tough situation, people will always be there to support you, even if you don't know them that well.


The small, "homey" feel. Starting college is a very stressful time and it can be easy to feel lonely, but at my school it is very easy to feel like you are gaining an additional family instead of losing one from home.


I consider the friendships that I have made here to be the best thing about this school because most of the people are open and caring, and I feel that I will be friends with a few of them for the rest of my life.


The Christ-centered perspective. Everything at Toccoa Falls College is geared towards your personal success and spiritual growth--there are opportunities everywhere to meet encouraging friends.


The best thing about my school would be the fact that most of the students are Christians and have a desire to learn more about God's word.


I believe the community that Toccoa Falls offers is the best thing about my school. The students are all friends and familiar with each other and very considerate of each other. This type of atmosphere really encourages a positive attitude about all aspects of this school, most especially in the education area. I believe that it really helps to have a support system before you can succeed in any area of life. Our community offers this support system through it's students, staff and faculty.


The best thing about my school is its sense of community. Since it is a smaller school the professors, students, and faculty all get along well. It also allows for increased opprotunity for student and staff interaction. Also among the students there is a sense of community as we encourage and get to know each other personally which is a lot harder to do in a bigger school.


Another very positive aspect of this campus is the involvment of the professors. Many colleges have regulations about professor/student relationships, but this school encourages their participation and that promotes a high level of achievment among students because of the encouraging relationship with the professors. The professors are willing to speak with the students after classes, in fact many require an office vist just so that the professor gets to know the face with the name. They also provide one-on-one attention with the assignments, but also encourages the student to be creative and make the project their own.


The best thing about this school is its focus on growing spiritually as a Christian.


I consider the best thing about this school is to be the envrionment in which we get to live 4 years of our lives. The faculty, staff, and students all contribute to this envrionment as well as teh surrounding area in which we live. There is a strong commitment to loving God and loving others. We get to see that lived out every day in very practical ways, through our professors caring for us, the staff demonstrating godliness, and the students working together to serve oneanother and teh community. We really are a good example of the body of Christ.


The best thing about our school is that it is so community focused. People here really care about each other and look out for each other. It is awesome to feel that you are connected with everyone on campus, upper and lower classmen alike. It is great to head into the cafeteria or into the gym and know that you will be included in whatever is taking place. This is a small enough campus that each and every person can feel that they fit in and that they belong.


The Faculty and Staff. They are committed to helping the students in any way that they can, whether by going far above and beyond in securing loans and scholarships, or professors being readily available outside of class, or simply in their efforts to help us grow spiritually, both by setting an example in their own lives and by challenging us in that area, as well as challenging us academically.


the love for the Lord...the experience of the professors- they truly are experts in their areas...the beautiful outdoors!


It is hard to say the single best thing about my school because there are so many great things about it. However, our school's goal is to help students develop both spiritually and academically as we grow in character and intellect. Students, professors, and other faculty work well together for this purpose. All classes I have taken have been valuable beyond just the expected academic scene. Even athletic teams are focused on more than just athletic performance and development. I have really appreciated how genuine, helpful, and respectable my professors are; they have really invested in my life.

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