Tougaloo College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If a person does attend this school, if possible have some type of transportation to get around or know people you can ride with because it does get boring on campus and sometimes you may not want to stay on campus all the time.


If you are a student that does not like to work hard and expand your education, then Tougaloo College is not for you. Everyone is not build gor college. Here at Tougaloo College we want you to be something out of life and be able to give back to the community as well as the school.


Here at Tougaloo College we believe in high academic achievement and success, in higher education which involves in critical thinking with analytical reasoning. In terms of this statement made a person wanting to pursue their future/career goals at Tougaloo must be willing to work hard and diligently. One must be competitive and set high goals and standards for themselves. If an individual not willing to do these things listed above then Tougaloo isn?t the college for you. Tougaloo College is an enduring and nurturing community that values lifelong learning. Tougaloo?s trademarks are academic excellence and social commitment.


A person who is not prepared to work hard or is not interested in succeeding academically. Also, a person who does not like small schools or being a small community like environment.