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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Beginning of my high school year as a freshman was quite a journey, because I had to transition from middle school to high school. I did not think that so much material was going to be in high school; I began to fail classes. When I figured that teachers were there to help out the students, instead of being on the cellphones, I began to carefully pay attention to there concepts. One particular thing I wished I told my self was that your GPA is the overall grade for yourself to get into college. Maintaining a balanced GPA and scoring a perfect ACT score will get my self further into my career choice and also my studies.


Knowing what I know about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to be proactive, obtain great study habits, and have fun. I would tell myself to be proactive every step of the way and not to procrastinate in order to have assignments done in a timely and orderly manner. I would tell myself to study and seek tutoring for difficult subject. Being proactive makes the transition less stressful. Aspire to have great study habits and know that having poor study habits will surely yield in below average or failing grades which is definitely not the goal. Great study habits consist of placing yourself in an environment that is conducive to learning. It also helps to have a study partner or study group who are serious about the task at hand. Feeding information to one another and having them feed it back to you makes studying exciting and rewarding. Lastly, I would tell myself to take time away with friends and acquaintences when the opportunity presents itself. By doing so, this will alleviate stress and overload and will give you the opportunity to have fun by going out to eat, going to the movies, going shopping, etc.


As a sophmore attending Tougaloo College,I have gotten alot out of my college experience. I have met many people from different places, my grades are excellent, I am exceeding and doing great in order to make my dreams a reality, and I have gotten alot of help in order to pursue my career as a Pharmacist. It has been valuable for me to attend to attend Tougaloo College because it has so much to offer and I have been doing great since I have been there. Tougaloo College also has many different resources.


It is valuable for me to attend college because I want a better future for myself. I am the oldest of four and was raised by a single mother who always stressed the importance of getting an education pass the high school level. My mom received her AA degree from a community college in Elementary Education, but she has never received her BS degree. So Lord's will in May of 2011 I will be the first in my household to receive a BS degree from college. Not only do I want a better future for myself, but I want to start a tradition for my younger siblings who are watching me and encourage them to get a college education. Since attending college The Lord has blessed with wonderful friends who encourage me as well as my family. I have been able to network with other individuals who can help me in becoming a Pediatric Physician. Overall my experience at the Historic Tougaloo College has opened many doors I never thought I would be able to walk through. It has taught me how to have confidence in myself and whatever dreams I have can be made into reality.


So far my experience has been outsttanding. I am a first generation college attendee for my family, and it brings a wonderful feeling not to to me, but for my family as well. Being in college opens up so many doors in life. I tend to look at it as being that things come and go in life, but having a college degree is something that you will always have to smile upon and say, " Hey! I accomplished this." I love getting involed with college events; festivles, and sports. Out of my college experiences, I have grown close to many people that have value in my life. I feel secure about myself knowing that I am accomplishing a college degree, but unfortunetly funding it making it more difficult to obtain. A value that I have so far gotten out of attending college is that not only do I feel proud of myself, but my family as well since none of them have attended college. It makes me strive to work harder to accomplish this.


When I graduated from High School, my first thought was,"Now what?" I applied to my dream colleges and as the letters came, I realized I could not pay for any of them. So there I found myself, done with school and completely clueless about my next step. Thats how I landed at Cuyahoga Community College about four months later. Although I was not happy about the choice I felt I was forced into making, I attended class and tried my absolute best. What at first seemed like punishment, is now more like a blessing. At Cuyahoga Community College, I have forgotten the old me, the girl that thought that attending any college less than a four year university meant failure as a person. I have developed relationships that are worthwhile, with people that matter. I have learned so much from the professors and I feel my future is very bright because of this. I feel comfortable walking around campus, and very sure of my place in the classroom. Cuyahoga Community College has changed my life for the better, and I honestly cannot picture myself anywhere else.


While attending Tougaloo College i have experience things i would not have though of. During my freshman year; with me been 300 miles away from my family I always tried to find a way home each chance i get. The only thing i could do on campus was eat, sleep, and study. I never wanted to be out with others cause i did not want to be apart of the bad college experience that everyone told me about. After first year of school I cope with how things work being a college student, I was ready for my sophomore year. Working over the summer to save up money for school and making sure that all my school information is taking care of. So now being in College for two years has change from freshman year. I go out into the community to help out and study even harder. Tougaloo College experience is not all about what you have heard it is about what steps you decided to take. Tougaloo is all about been one family. It has been easy to cope with because we take care of each other and make it easier for you to feel right at home.


I've gotten a step closer towards success during this first year college experience. It has been valuable to attend because there is help, actual one on one help, especially when it comes to declaring a major.


Attending college has been a wonderful experience that I would never trade. It has provided me with a lot of direction in my life. Before I enrolled in college I was active in school, but I had a reserved personality. College helped be to become more outgoing. I joined many orgainzations including a sorority, the NAACP, as well as a student recruiting program just to name a few. These orgainzations helped me to meet many wonderful people who all helped me to come out of my shell and really show my true personality. I was also a major procrastinator and had no sense of time before entering college. However, after my first semester and encounters with a few teachers I realized that I had to make changes. I became more aware of what things were top priority and made sure I had a clock somewhere near. College has helped me become a more independent, mature, and open person. Thanks to the people that I have come in contact with through my matriculation in college, I no longer have limits on the things that I can to do and the person that I can become.


Lessons on living away from home, being responsible for my education and making lifelong friends.


First I would tell myself to stay strong by keeping my grades up and applying for scholarships. Then I would tell myself to develop better time management skills to balance work and study time that is often wasted during the day. Then I would tell myself to stay focused no matter what is happening with friends. I would tell myself that my family is behind me and never to give up.


The first thing I would let myself know about college is that I must pace myself differently. I would need to be on a very strict regiment and schedule out my study time and social time. I would tell myself to partake in social clubs and enroll in tutoring sessions due to the fact that it looks good on resumes. Secondly There?s no more thinking on small terms like, going to games and hanging out with friends to have fun I would tell myself if I was going to attend it would be to partake in the social scene to create a social status for me in the future. Networking is key. I have realized that high school and college is on such different levels, one being that college is a more accelerated environment and high school is so determinable. Therefore I would tell myself to set a career goal and meet with my advisor monthly to make sure I am staying on target. Now it?s about facing the world like an adult all my decisions this day forward will be governed by the future.


Looking back into my senior year as I made my transition, there are several advices that I would consider. Senior year is filled with a wide range of expectations and plans. Tip 1: Don't Stop at High School. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slightly more than three in every five high school graduates continue on to college; if you are unsure that an additional two to four years of schooling will make that much of an impact on your life. Tip 2: Finalize College Plans. The fall of your senior year is the time to finalize the list of colleges and universities that seem best suited for your needs you?ll want to spend time with your parents and guidance counselor in paring down, or developing your list of the best schools for you. Tip 3: Keep Challenging Yourself. Being a senior doesn?t mean that since it?s your last year, you do not have to work as hard and diligently and you would have as an incoming freshman; don?t consider taking easy courses. Many colleges recommend that your senior year should be designed to prepare you for your first year in college.


i would tell myself to use my time wisely, do my best at all time, make wise choices, be more organized, and study, study, study.


Time management is very important in college. You should be able to make a schedule each day. Make sure the college is right for you. Know whether you need a small setting or an large setting. You should be able to communicate with your Proffesors. Set a side time to study. You should learn how to manage your money there are times when your parents will not be able to send you any. Most of all college is a learning experience you may not always understand something that is why the Proffesor and or tutors are for. Take advantage of the resources that are around campus. Get involved in activities and make your self known you never know who you might meet.


Kai , I know that you're about to attend college, and you have been doing well in high school, but I just have a few words I want to say to you. First and foremost, keep God first. He is your guiding light, and without him, all successes are meaningless. Second, keep working hard academically. You've become alittle complacent here at school, and I want you to know that college is a totally different ball game. You need to grow past your exceeded potential, and know that no one knows you better than yourself. Thirdly, have fun! Find new friends, enjoy new sights, and don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Lastly, just be yourself. Some people will like you, others won't, and that's okay. As I said before, no one can do you better than you. Now let's go be the best!


Make your own decision.


The advice I would give to parents and their students on finding the right college and making the best of that experience is to live for themselves. A college must be picked because of what it has to offer the student, not because of a name or of a parents past experiences. The student will be at this school for 2-4 years and spend countless thousand dollars on this education. If they pick the school for any other reason than that is the place they want to reside for a large part of their lives they will be miserable.


For one, i would tell parents to let their kids make the choice because they are tyhe ones who have to be on the campus, and learn how the college life is. For kids, i would tell them to look into the school that they are trying to go to, make sure that the school they chose has their particular major, and just make sure that they have enough money to attend that school.


When searching for the right college for your child or for you, be sure that you will be able to perform to the best of your ability. No matter what type of situation the school is physically, make it about your experience and your education over everything!


Go to a college that offers your preference in majors, that's rich in history and culture, and fits your comfort zone. If you prefer bigger schools with bigger classes, go to a big university. If you enjot small, close knit schools, go to a smaller, rural college. Tour schools in person, if possible. Research for financial aid help, especially scholarships.


I think the most important part of seeking a college is to start early, research as much as possible and don't rely on the testimonials of others. Every college is unique and leave varying impressions upon their students. One should be sure to visit those insitutions he or she is interested in to garner his or her own opinions. Upon entering college, experience as much as is possible, from forums to conferences, concerts and parties, and various organizations; there is no other time in life as exciting as college.


The founders of Clark Atlanta once said "if you can't find a way, make one." I believe this holds true in choosing the right college. Even if it seems impossible, you must make a way to find a college that fits you. It is commonly stated that every person is different & in that same breathe, every college is different. Looking for the right college is a serious task and a bit overwhelming but you will find that its not as hard as you think. You have to look deep within yourself and evaluate your personal values and what's most important to you. You have to do the right amount of research, attend open houses, become familiar with requirements for different schools and most importantly look for one that seems the most natural fit for you. Like finding the perfect pair of jeans, you have to try on many to find the best fit. Once you do that, become aware of your surroundings, be adventurous but protect your heart. Always try to create relationships with your professors and staff and classmates; you never know who you might meet. Be open minded and forever stay true to who you are.


One I do advise is to make sure you visit different campuses and get a feel of the school and the type of people that attend the school. Another is to take into account your financial situation, loans are good but I don't think anyone should be stuck paying for their education the rest of their life. So do plan and save money because school is expensive. Don't forget to do your research so that you know for sure that your decision to attend a certain school is the best one.


Inorder to find the apporiate college /university for your child is to make sure you all know the history of the school! Apply for all type of scholarships that correlates to that child. And most importantly be positive and have faith that everything will work out!


Parents make sure you are well prepared for the school year your child will be going into. Go into the school year with a positive attitude and work hard.


To all of the parents and/or students who are pursing the right college to continue one's higher education, I only want to say is pick the enviroment that will better you and develop something you never thought you had. The college experience is one that someone wouldn't want to miss out on. You get the opportunity to embrake on different aspects of life and people's varies personalities. This is the time in one's life that they should focus on their career and look towards the future. The social experience is unbelieveable. One will meet friends that will stick around for a lifetime. You will develop great networking skills and become more articulate in your speech. As well as broaden one's vocabulary. So embraking on one's college experience is truely an opportunity one wouldn't want to miss our on. So do your research,visit some campuses, and talk to some faculty,alumni,students and make your decision off of that. I mean you want to be on a campus where you are safe, can academically succeed and have a social life outside of the books. Good luck!!!