Tougaloo College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the access and connection to successful graduates or people in the community. Tougaloo teaches you to take the initiative when searching for information. One must talk and present themselves properly in order to make connections with people that can help them along their journey.


The School is diverse and open to new things. They are always expanding and taking new suggestions.


I consider my proffesors availabilty the best thing about my school, because I can actually talk to them one on one if I don not understand a concept.


My school had a very comforting environment. Even if you have never been to Mississippi before, Tougaloo makes you feel as if you have lived there your entire life.


The social and academic enviroment. Social:because everyone knows everyone and we are not known by a number and as far as the academics are concerned we have the best professors who actually get down on hands and knees to make sure the student will not give up and/or fail.