Towson University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


With the hard ecomomic times facing all American famiies, Towson University has been named by Kiplinger's Personal Finance one of the 100 "best values in public colleges" for 2013 which made it rise to the top of the list of Universities that I strived to be accepted at.


Fun, career oriented and a great growing field!


Towson is a big university with the feeling of a small school.


My school is a beautiful large school. There are various majors you can choose to apply for. I chose Psychology when I first transfered to Towson University. After reviewing the catalogue I needed for the major, I decided to change to Women and Gender Studies. I am now taking my first course under my major of Women and Gender Studies. It appears to be a pretty interesting course. The name of the course is International Perspectives on Women. I attend school once a week from 6:00pm-8:40pm every Wednesday evening.


Towson is a very diverse, welcoming, and accepting place where everyone has a chance to fit in and excel, not only in academics but clubs, organizations, and many countless opportunities offered.


towson unversity is becoming very divversed and has alot of programs to chose from.


Towson University is a very focused institution both academically, emotionally, socially, and financially.


My school is well informed and is always there to help all of us succeed.


My school is very open, friendly, and provides many opportunities for artistry, volunteer/community service, music, culture, and more.


Even though my school is twenty minutes away from Baltimore, it is still safe and you still feel like you're on a safe, comfortable, close knit campus where you will meet thousands of new people everyday, making new friends just about where ever you go on the 328 acre campus.


Towson is just the right size, has the right classes to allow students to earn the education they need, has a bunch of activities on campus to engage in, while still being close enough to the city to have fun in.


Towson University is an extremely diverse institution, that always caters to its students' academic needs.


Towson is a large institution, with individual curriculums that give you the intimacy of a smaller school; also through its various classes, clubs, and activities, Towson allows each individual student to discover themselves and their potential.


Towson University is a multi cultured university, which allows for growth as a person and a chance to learn more from the people surrounding you, you will endor some many new aspects of life and meet new people.


Towson University has a city life atmosphere that makes the school feel chaotic at times; the greek life, division one sports, many art and dance majors add to the chaotic atmosphere.


Small enough to walk to classes, big enough to get lost - the perfect size.


Towson University gives you the chance to find out your true passions and share it with your community.


Towson is a school where career dreams take off.


Towson University is a place where students can learn material that reaches towards their career goals with the help of professors, other students, social events, and athletics/fine arts to create a happy-medium between school work and a social life.


Towson University is an institution filled with numerous opportunities, as well as exciting ways to learn inside and outside the classroom; Towson has a beautiful campus filled with many community activities and ways to get involved; the programs, especially the business administration program offers so much to students and is a great program to be in as well; Towson Unviersity is a place where I feel safe and that I can call my second home.


Towson University is an affordable school with a the quality to match.


Not too small yet not too big, growing bigger and stronger by the year.


my school is a place where there are alot of programs to help you and friendly people.


Towson is a university of integrity that focuses on academics and fantastic fun, and safe on-campus activities. The area is very nicely situated with the public library and city mall only a few blocks down. Towson gives its students many oppurtunities to become involved in the community as well as on campus.


Towson is a fun and social school but definitely focuses on academics as well.


A large school with small classroom sizes in a well-developed area.


It is a very culturally and ethnically diverse learning environment where most people tend to get along and work together.


Towson U is a place to learn and experience life and prepares students to face the world once they graduate.


My school is a school that offers many academic programs and opportunities, always expands, dead on the weekends, always searching for new ideas, has just the right size, is not as diverse as I would like, however most people get along; this school has many students who like to have fun as well as many students who are mainly focused on their academics, most of the faculty members are very respectful and helpful, many students encourage each other during stressful times when there are midterms and finals and many students work together to excel in their classes.


My school is welcoming, offers a great education all while having fun and enjoying my years in college.


A good feel of community.


Towson University is a diverse, pretigious, well rounded community of hard working students who take education very seriously but yet still have opportunity to have fun.


It's a beautiful school whose hills will give you great butt muscles. There are good teachers and bad teachers like any college. The close proximity to Baltimore is a huge advantage that should be taken advantage of frequently.


Fun, full of school spirit, yet academically challenging.


Towson is the best school to attend for great teachers and a vast variety of activties.


Towson is a great school with many different class choices and teachers/advisors that are always willing to help.


No matter what, you will find a home at Towson.


Towson University is the best place to have fun and learn at the same time which creates the best college experience possible.


Towson University is the best of both worlds for someone who is overwhelmed by a large school, but not interested in a small school. Towson has all the sports, greek life, and night life that a big school has to offer, with the community feel and closeness that comes with going to a small school.


My school is like a mostly white community that is very racially and ethnically accepting, and is also the right fit academically and socially.


Towson University is a mid sized city school with a vast amount of programs of study, good housing and meal plans for the money, and a ton of social opportunities available for incoming students.


It is perfect if you don't want to go to a school that is small, but it lacks a lot of the personality of a big school.


Number one for teaching!!!!


the school is tigerific


Towson University is diverse, and there is a place for everyone.


A very diverse academic school with great professors, a variety of extra curricular activities, and good job placement after graduation


My school is accomidating in terms of academic and personal assistance.


Towson University is a great school for networking and getting prepared for graduate school and the real world.


Laid back atmosphere, mellow, not much school spirit, a commute school.


Towson provides a wide variety of oppurtunity for all people to grow and develop on both a personal and future/carrear oriented level.