Towson University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


I have never stayed on campus before though I've been in a few of my friends dorms before. I would say they are like any typical dorm in a typical American college. Though first year students usually get the smallest dorm rooms ever.


There are four types of dorm styles here at Towson. First there is suite style which is where two roommates share a bathroom with two other students. The bathroom is in the middle of both rooms. The next type is community style which is where an entire hallway of students share a large community bathroom. The third style is hotel style which is where two roommates have their own bathroom. The last style is apartment style which is available for sophmores and higher and has bedrooms, a kitchen and living area.


Where I lived, in one of the towers, they had nice size rooms to share with a connectif bathroom to another room. We never had an issue with the bathroom or privacy and it was a great place to be on freshmen year. Other buildings that I have went to seemed just as big if not bigger than my room. I never really heard complaints other than there was no air conditioning in a building but that building is now under construction so that will be fixed.