Towson University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Towson is best known for their small student to professor ratio. Normally the student to professor ratio is 17 to 1 which creates close bonds and friendships with the professors. Many colleges face the problem of not knowing their students personally, here at Towson University professors can connect a face to a name and a name to a personality.


Towson is best known for it's diversity and location. Towson is right outside of Baltimore, which allows students to take fun day trips over the weekend into the Harbor and other neat places.


From people I've talked to I would say partying but we also known for being a good academic school with pretty good sports and a lot of options for majors.


My favorite campus tradition should be the pep rally. It occurs every fall. There are countless numbers of activities to get involved with during the pep rally week such as soccer tournaments that's made up of both boys and girls on each team, fashion shows, marathons and so many others. I tried out for a soccer tournament but I chickened out later on when I noticed that the team I was meant to play with was filled with boys.


towson university is best known for their different programs and oppurtunities.


Towson University was best known for having an overall showing of school spirit. Many of the students took great pride in wearing TU colors. Students were always encouraged to express themselves, and groups on campus helped students accomplish just that.


Towson is best known for its psychology, education, art, and occupational therapy departments. In terms of population, there is a large amount of females (66{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) and Jersey/New York natives. Our school is known for an extremely active nightlife and campus activities. TU is VERY involved. In fact, social life often revolves around group activities through campus. There is also constant construction going on.


Good education for a low price.


My school was best known for their Educational programs, now I think its more towards Liberal Arts programs. They have a wide variety of majors and minors all with good programs and teachers.


My school is best known ffor its academic achievemants of the alumni.


Although the schools majority of student are white, there is a diversity of outstanding programs from which you can choose from and find your niche.There are many resources to give you opportunities to develope and grow. The faculty and staff are challenging to make you a stronger person. Once you establish a great group of friends with the same goals you will be on your way to great experinces at Towson University.


Most likely as a good college for education majors.


My school is best known as a teaching institution. Many years ago, Towson was called the teaching school because the university specialized in teaching degrees. Now it is still known as a teaching school, but has added more departments within the school.


Towson is best known for being in a changing stage. Many new buildings are being built and new ones are being planned.


Business, Education, and Nursing majors. A large psychology department.




We are best know for affordability for academic value, and as our credibility as an Teachers college.


A good business program and it's close proximity to Baltimore, which is a good and sometimes a bad thing. It has a beautiful campus, and many of the major,a side from business are well-known, also. Education, arts, and liberal arts are powerful here, as well.


Nursing, Business, and Education.


Towson University, in my opinion, is best known for its education program. I've always been told that Towson is the best school to attend in Maryland if you want to become a teacher.


Towson University is best known for partying, but over the past few years it has become more academically oriented while still trying to keep up a fun atmosphere.


I would have to say that Towson is best known for having big-school choices and small school personal attention. Although there is a large attendance at Towson, the classes mostly are comprised of about 20 to 25 students, which means alot more personal attention to each student. There are several larger classes, but most are this size. Also, there are always tutors available for each subject for anyone needing some extra help, and its good to know that they are always there.


Nice campus, good education.


Towson University is very well-known for it's Education Program. However they also have other great qualities, such as the huge, 5-story library! Many of the academics, aside from Education, are also very respectable; such as the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, and many of their Liberal Art areas.


Towson is known best for being one of the prestigious schools in Maryland. Towson ins known well for their basketball team and for having a great staff that works well with their students. One group of staff in particular the staff that helps students with Disabilities.


Sports, and Education.


Towson has a strong Education program, as well as other academic programs. Towson also has an excellent program for international students. Towson is a great size, ahs a great location, and is culurally diverse.


Towson has great teaching and nursing programs. It's a beautiful campus located close to everything.


As far as academics, Towson is known expecially for it's college of education. After all, it used to be called Towson Teacher College. However, the professors all across are passionate and knowledgable about their field. Not only are the professors in my major courses amazing, but my general education credit classes were fantastic. Plus, you can't beat the other people you are with - Towson students are the best!


Several Programs/majors, such as Music, Theatre, Education, and Psychology


My school is best known for the education program there.


great ratio of girls, lots of options for classes, good parties; near the inner harbor and baltimore city


Towson is best known for it's Teachers Education program, of which I am enrolled. Students come from surrounding states and all along the east coast for the Teaching program and because Maryland shares reciprocity with most states, the teaching degrees obtained from Towson are useful in a variety of states with the need to be retested. It is also well known for it's marching band and music department. Towson produces the majority of Maryland music teachers and has a very active symphonic and marching band, both of which tour and hold shows to promote themselves.


Not Sure.


Towson is known for their commuter accessablity and their education.


Towson has a bit of a reputation for drinking. However we also have a very large education and mass communication program.


My school is best known for it's LiberlArts atmosphere. Not only is there diversity in religions and race, but everyone is free to speak their opinions openly regarding social, political, and economic matters. You are encouraged to be yourself.




My school was founded as Towson State Teachers College. Mostly known for its excellent education program. After that its probably known for its awesome party scene. Towson has great parties and bars. Also only a few miles from Baltimore with more entertainment options. Its known for being a large state school with good programs in education, psychology, business and mass communications.


Being close to Baltimore, up and comming school with a lot more to offer students in the next few years.


Education programs, including early childhood, elementary, and secondary with various content areas, and special content teachers, especuially the music education program.


My school is best known for it's academic programs. We have a wide variety of programs here that assist all types of students. Plus it's so close to everything that a student would need that it's easy to become comfortable here. Also since it's close to a big city students are close to a wide variety of off campus resources.


Smart students, good looking rich people and partying.


Being a good liberal art, education school. Also has some good parties and its closeness to Baltimore gives it a suburban feel. You also can meet some really good friends there.