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Compared to other schools I've considered, Towson is unique to me personally because of it's music program. In high school, I was member of the marching band and every year we would go to Towson for our state's competition. Because I was involved with music in high school, I've always had some connection to Towson since they're well known for the excellent music program.


The psychology program at Towson is very strong. I worked with a woman who was an expert in her field and regarded as such around the world. I also minored in Theatre, and I have to say the community within this major would be difficult to replicate anywhere else. As well, our Theatre program was well run and funded.


The overall diversity of the university is great. Aside from racial and ethnic diversity, the students are very diverse in their interests and aspirations. From extreme overachievers to slackers, science geeks to pot junkies, rich and poor, the school seems to have all types of students which can not be said the same for many of the other schools that I applied to.


More diversity is packed into a much smaller campus. I love the fact that the school almost feels isolated like a city within itself. Some of the other schools I considered were actually in cities and I felt a little uncomfortable. I feel right at home here.


It is an affordable school than most Universities in Maryland and a lot of opportunities.


Towson has a lot more options for students who are foreign exchange and also has a good selection of study abroad locations. It also is really good for anyone transferring in.


Location and cost


It has the occupational therapy major.


Towson is unique in the sense that it is a metropolitian type of school, but the classes are always small enough that a student receives individualizes attention. Towson's professors are also great about understanding student needs for learning.


My school is unique because of it's location. We are close to many different interesting places such as museums, restuarants, and the inner harbor.


Towson University is very culturally diverse and accepting. We had a huge community with all different types of people. The atmosphere is so dynamic as well, you can choose to study hard non-stop, go out and party and make new friends, or attend a variety of events, (alot with free stuff too!). Such a great place to be, I love it!


My school is unique in that it is relatively small compared to others, but hosts the biggest varieties and opportunities any student could ask for.


my school is the only one In MD that offers a B.A in Deaf Studies. there are a few selections when looking for schools that have this major and Towson University has one of the best programs. I also think the school is the perfect size. you will never have the problem of felling like you 1 in 300 students, which is great.


I don't really know if there's very much unique about this school; it just feels very open and accepting. I considered Hofstra University, which was much bigger and also much more expensive. Towson is just... affordable. It's nice, simple, not much to it. It has a good selection of majors and classes in each general education category. It's just... a good school, I like it.


There are so many activities to do and opportunities to express your interests and that of others. There are countless of majors that fits the student body.


The emphasis placed on leadership.


They emphasize joining clubs to create relationships with students on campus.


It has a very good educational background, large school and there is a Starbucks on campus


Out of all the schools that I considered, Towson University is the only one that had Family Studies as a major and not just a minor. When I began college, my major was Broadcast Journalism and my minor was Family Studies. It did not take me long to realize that Family Studies was the program that I was most passionate about. I quickly changed Family Studies to my major. If I did not have the opportunity to do so, I do not know where I would be with my studies right now.


It's small enough not to have huge 300 student classes. Their art building is simply amazing and it was the one thing that attracted me to Towson other than the fact that it is one of the top schools for teachers. From what I hear, Towson really helps teachers find jobs when they graduate.


Although the school is rather large, the school feels small and and is dedicated to the success of the students, also the faculty knows you by name and is truly invested in you as a student, and they make sure that you aren't just a number.


My school definitely goes out of its way to make everyone feel comfortable. People should not feel that they are being judged because they are different at this school. There are many clubs and organizations to satisfy everyone's needs.


My school is a big school with a small community attitude. The students are like a close knit family here and the professors encourage us to help each other and learn from each other. The college also centers around education, it is a teaching university which in my course of study gives me a great advantage.




It has an amazing program and one of only one's in the country for this particually degree.


a balance of town and city life many activities going on around campus, in town, and in the city a variety of majors offered medium sized school somewhat close to home


They have a dual degree in both Deaf Studies and Elementary Education


The push to encourage diversity, a school very focused on the "community" of it all


Towson University is a community in itself. It is described as a big school with the atmosphere of a small school. Students receive the support of fellow students, the Towson town residents as well as other students that belong to the Baltimore collegetown.


Every one is freindly, serious about school,yet knows how to still have fun, while keeping it classy!


towson university is well know to be academically focused


Towson has a great music department with two of the top violin professors on the East coast.


The wide variety of majors that are all very important to the school and the students going here.


It's mostly a commuter school, with a metropolitan city feel about it while still being technically in the suburbs.


There are a lot of outdoor activites available at this school. Being near baltimore city it really nice.


My school is a large school student-wise, but has a small school feel, that makes it feel you are more than a number.


It's not too big, but not too small. I can walk entirely across campus in 7 minutes flat.


I don't know


Towson University is the best of both worlds. Eight miles from Baltimore, you have a very diverse community as well as the "city-life" some students desire. Towson is also its own small town of shops and restaurants so students are able to be social outside of campus. Towson has tons of activities on the weekends and the students vary from hometown, including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The school is not too small, yet not too big--it's the perfect fit.


i like the fact that the class sizes are small and the buildings are close/ within walking range