Towson University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


For the most part the classes are really great! Most of the professors are really nice and helpful and have great ways of teaching.


My favorite class is currently calculus 2 because I am studying to be a middle school math teacher. My least favorite is my STEM internship class. I am glad I get to take it as a freshman, but the teachers really don't know what they are doing. I rely on my mentor teacher at the school I intern at for advice. Class participation is very common, each class feels like high school. The students aren't really competitive. If anything they are very lazy. I don't spend time with professors outside of class because I don't have a need to.


The professors have an easy job remembering my name. My most favorite class at the moment is Spanish, and the least would be the Towson Seminar. Students study a lot. Class participation is almost always accounted in the students grade. Personally, my friends and I have intellectual conversations almost everyday outside of class. Students are competitive, doing their best to get the better grade. The most unique class I've taken so far was Biology 190, which is very challenging. I am an Exercise Science major, which focuses on a lot of kinesiology. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. The school's academic requirements are fair. The school's education is aimed towards learning for its own sake but does a good job gearing towards finding a job.


Academics at Towson University are somewhat challenging, depending on the course, but they are made that way because Towson University knows that all of their students are capable of success in any class. Most professors do know their students names, unless it is a larger class but in my experience I have only had two large classes all year, in which two sections were combined so it was a class of about eighty kids. However, these were just simple 101 classes, so they were not too rigorous to the point where having a large class would affect a student's ability to learn and absorb the material. Class participation is extremely common here at Towson. Professors really encourage their students to get involved and want to hear their students thoughts and opinions. Most professors here at Towson demonstrate care in their students success and help them to the fullest. All professors offer office hours incase a student needs extra help, or just someone to talk to. And not only that, but Towson offers many tutoring centers for subjects like math, english, biology, etc. Towson University is a great academic school and they make it known that the faculty and staff here will do as much as they can to help their students succeed.


I love all of my classes I am taking this spring. The professors make an effort to learn your name, major, and anything unique about yourself. My favorite class I am taking now is called Criminal Justice: Race and Crime. Even though this class is at 8 in the morning, he is very fun, funny, and very passionate about this subject. I always leave the class wide awake and ready to take on my day. My least favorite class I took was chemistry because I struggle in that area of science. Towson provides free tutoring services, which helped me to do well in the class and enjoy the subject. The most unique class I took was called World Folk Tales and in the class I was able to read many fairy tales stories and understand the origin of those stories that many children enjoyed at a young age. The academic requirements and the education at Towson are designed for finding a career and gaining a wide knowledge of the world. Towson requires students to take general education class for students to have basic knowledge and classes which focus on your major. Professor are willing to make time out of their schedule to meet yours and want you to achieve at the highest standard of learning. In addition, Towson has over 60 majors so you should be able to find a major that fits your career interest. I am a family studies major and this major focuses on working with children and families such as social work. Our department is small and family like quality. The classes are challenging and force you to think outside the box and apply knowledge to situations in reality.


The academics depend on the program taken. I know that the psychology and teaching programs are very high quality and top rated. The Nursing program...not so much with large classrooms and unrealistically difficult professors. From both my experience and people I've talked to, I think people generally like their classes. A good number of professors are very engaging and make class something to look forward to. My favorite class at the moment is Educational Psychology with Beth Gallihue. Studying on campus is actually something that goes on often. My major, Anthropology, is a good program but I think it needs more professors to offer some more variety and viewpoints.


The academics are great. The class room sizes are not huge like they are at major university. The average class size is about 20-30. I like that a lot because you can develop a good relationship with all of your professors. The courses that I take require a decent workload so studying is a must, but I feel like that is fairly common for most students. The most unique class that I have take is Acting 101. The class was very different for me since I am a political science major, but it really opened my eyes to the acting world. I loved it.


My major is speech language pathology with a minor in gerontology. I love my major and have been lucky to have very knowledgeable professors who have helped me a lot My major is very competitive which is nice because that's what the real world is like. My class sizes in and out of my major have never been greater than 40. My favorite class is cultural studies which is a general education class anyone can take, my least was statistics but only because I'm horrible with math.


As an Occupational Therapy undergraduate I have to take many biology classes. Although the biology classes have around one hundred students the professors still try their best to know every student's name. The classes at Towson are challenging, but many professors try to make them fun. In the Occupationsl Therapy classes I have found that they are extremely interactive, fun, and challenging. From experience I would say studying is a large aspect when it comes to getting good grades, you have to know your stuff. Many of the other, non Occupational Therapy, classes were intellectual, interesting, the professor were good. The academics at Towson have high standards, but with those standards comes hard working, passionate, and intelligent students.


Because of the relatively small class size, professors who pay attention to their own class definitely know your name. If you frequently respond to questions and discussions, they of course get to know you even better. Every University has their good and bad professors, and although Towson is no different, I believe the majority of the make-up comprises very knowledgeable professors who wish to help the students learn. A lot of the lower level classes tend to be very shy - but who isn't when first coming to college? It takes warming up to in order to want to answer questions out loud and respond to the professor. Every class I've taken, the professor always wants it to be less of a lecture-notes and more of a discussion-question situation. I myself am a senior in IS, Computer Information Systems. In the department, much of the staff is knowledgeable about the degrees and can offer insights into fields that they themselves have worked in, or maybe even offer up some information that can guide you to the future career that you want. This is not true of all classes - it mainly depends on who is teaching it. There are those exceptions who simply wish for you to learn the information and move on. All in all, you have to learn to speak up at Towson and really become an individual - much of the information is not always handed to you on a silver platter.


Classes in my department are wonderful. I am part of the Foreign Language department and I know most of the students in my classes and usually I have more than one class with them. My major is considered relatively small though. Larger major like Business you will not see this AS MUCH, but you may have 1 class the same as a student in the same major. Students who are in upper level courses study a good amount, as it should be because they are getting serious about their career and their passion. Freshman and Sophomores tend to study less and party a little bit more. But this all depends who you hang out with, there are some very serious freshman and sophomores who are all about academia, for instance the honors college. I love my major ( Spanish and Latin American Studies). I had the opportunity to go to Ecuador for study abroad. With every major at Towson, you have the opportunity to travel and study. We have an AMAZING study abroad program, and if you have good grades, you can surely find compensation, there are many scholarships at our school available to you. I do not really spend time with professors out of class, but I know people who have. Although I do have a great relationship with my professors many who I would consider mentors. The most unique class I have ever taken is Capoeira, Brazilian fight dancing. I am taking in currently and receiving three credits. The Arts departments is absolutely amazing and diverse, there are so many great classes to take that will keep you active and on the move.


Classes are relatively small especially when you are in your major classes. Professors get to know students and are always willing to help you learn. In addition, professors are available to consult with and approachable.


Pre-requisite classes, which all students new to take for their particular major will remind you of high school courses. Teachers will/should know your name and the class content as a whole is definitely fair and do-able. Once you are in your major classes it becomes more difficult but they are a lot more interesting and engaging. These teachers do get to know you and will know your name. It's important to create good relationships with your teachers because they will guide you and respect you if you show the same respect for them. They are there because they love what they do and want you to feel satisfied with the work-load that you should know. By the end of the four years, students in basically all majors will be very prepared for being in the work field. Towson prepares their students in an effective manner.


Academics are very highly monitored by many personneli on campus. For example, I recieved my invitation to join and be a part of the National Society of Colligiate Scholars (NSCS) last winter after just ONE semester at Towson! But what I didnt know was that they offered me this invitation soley based on my grades that I reicieved during my freshman fall semester! So be sure to keep your grades up! :)


For the most part Towson is challenging but not where I feel as if I am always struggling. I usually have a lot of work, but I work hard to keep up with it and keep my grades up. It is not an easy school though, you must work hard if you want to succeed.


The professors at Towson are great and most of them will know you by name in your class. This is because the classes at Towson about the same size as any high school class except for a few lecture hall classes offered. This is great because it allows you to approach your professor easier and they are always willing to help. Towson is also has a great business program. My major is metropolitan studies with a minor in GIS. Both of the departments I work with are very helpful and easy to get ahold of. Towson is also the number one school in maryland for the GIS program.


Academics are a major priority at Towson. Lower level classes (100s), depending on the class, can range from 20 to 90 students. I remember that one of my U.S. History classes and a Biology class had over 70 students in the lecture hall. Once you get into required/non-General Education classes, the class size is smaller and the professors know your name. Class participation is very common, especially in the upper levels (300s and 400s). Professors love when students are engaged in the class and in the learning process. Those conversations often start in the classroom and carry on outside of the classroom. Professors are required to have Office Hours during the week, in which they are available for students to come by and meet with them. In some of the upper level courses, professors require students to stop by at least once (generally to discuss a writing assignment). Professors want the students to learn for the sake of learning, but to also have real-world skills to get a job after graduation. No professor wants their students to fail and will work with students to make sure everyone understands the content. The professors are all very supportive. My major is Secondary History Education, so I work with both the History and Secondary Education departments. My advisors have been supportive of my decisions and assisted me in making the correct ones that fit my interests and requirements.


The professors do not really try to get to know you. However, they are pretty leniant and give a good amount of extra credit. In my lecture halls, usually only 60 people show up out of 120. Classes are pretty big...about 20 to 25 students per class and the classrooms are small. The academic advisors here are extremely dull. They have no idea what they are doing and they are very unhelpful. Most of the time, I feel like they do not even have their own college education. I do not feel that I can receive a decent job from this school. That is why I am transfering ASAP!