Towson University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


You will have every type of class at Towson, from big lecture halls, to intimate settings, to rooms set up like a business conference meeting. I love the diversity because each class has it's own style. In addition, they are small enough where you get to know the professor on a personal level, which is great for getting extra help.


I'm taking some pre-requisite courses and they are somewhat interesting. It sometimes depends on the teachers you have which make the class either fun or boring. Pre-requisites are the classes that are needed for your major. If you know in advance the major you want to choose, then you will get your classes done on time, which is always good. If you don't though then it will still work out okay. My classes at Towson are interesting and I enjoy meeting new people throughout the classes. Most people are in the same boat as you, so its important to be friendly even in these pre-requisite classes.