Towson University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


For me, I guess the worst thing would be that there's not as much school spirit as I would like. As someone who loves my school, I wish I saw a little more of that.


Emphasis on students who receive financial aid, and much less help given to those who don't qualify for financial aid but still need help paying.


There are two types of girls at this school- bitchy, legging-wearing, ugg-donning, straight-haired waifs, and those who are actually there to learn. Being in classes with people (both males and females) that did not care about the subject or sucess at college is draining for those of us who are committed to our studies.


The school tends to admit students who are ill-prepared for college or who should not be in college in the first place.


The gym is definitely too small. Housing is extremely expensive


The worst thing about Towson University is the perception that it is located in a bad area. There is a small minority of criminals who do seem to prey on students. Once criminals become less successful I believe they will look for different victims. Towson does a good job alerting the students when a crime does take place. The campus police along with the local law enforcement officals do seem to take these crimes seriously.


Honestly, i feel like in comparison to things i love the most about Towson, there isn't much that I dislike. There are so many opportunities and experiences that you can find as long as you put yourself out there. I think my least favorite thing about Towson is that it's a major commuter school so when you're walking around the campus on weekends, it feels like no one is there because a majority of the students aren't there. Also, the construction is at it's prime so walking to class takes longer than usual.


The worst thing is possibly the size because while the campus is beautiful its kinda huge and getting from class to class can sometimes be a huge pain and when you don't have a long break and you have a class in another building it can be virtually impossible to get to class on time but in that case students just need to plan well.


Compared to the other university I attendend, I have very little complaints with Towson beyond the messy process of getting your financial aid money for your books when you are dependant upon it.


If anything, it would be how Towson's winter break is a month and a half long. Although this may seem like a good thing, being out of school for so long gets me out the "school mood".


The food allocated for vegetarians is the worse thing on capus. We have a very significant vegetarian/ vegan population; however, these food options are limited. It may be a little more costly to include an appropriate amount of optiond but I believe that it's fair. Especially, compared to the two items per menu that we have now. The efforts to help increase food options have made some changes; nonetheless, the fact that my meal may be more for me since it does not include chicken-which is usually included in the meal deal- is sincerely a huge problem


The worst thing about my school would be lack of school spirit in our athletics.


The worst thing about school is the dorms and the cafeteria. What they don't tell students, even impressionable 17-18 year olds coming out of high school is that they and their families would spend less money renting a room off campus and buying groceries to cook in one's own kitchen. Why pay $1000/mo. to have a roomate in the dorms when you could pay $300 to have a roommate a mile away, or $8 per meal versus $2 a meal for one cooked by a budding adult venturing out on their own?


The worst thing about Towson University is that they dont have enough droms built so they get filled very quickly.


As a freshman and sophomore trying to enter the Nursing Prigram it was difficult at times to get all the preliminary courses required to apply to the Nursing Program. I had to take a class at my local community college and also had to wait a semester to apply into the program.


The worst thing about Towson University is the commuter parking. MANY students at Towson live off campus, and there is simply not enough parking within a reasonable distance from the main campus. The result is students circling the parking garages for 30 minutes looking for parking spaces, giving up and going home, and therefore missing a class. As a former driving commuter student, I can say first hand that the experience is miserable, especially at the beginning of the semester.


The worst thing about Towson is the parking. Parking here is aboslutely horrendous. If you are not here by 9:00 a.m. do not expect a good parking spot, or even a spot at all. To avoid this hassel just simply live on campus


The worst thing about my school is location. Because we're in a city surrounded by traffic and non-college life, many students commute. Almost all juniors and seniros own their own apartments with friends off campus, which makes it harder to meet people, especially the upper classmen. Being in the city gives people a lot to do but its almost all bar life at Towson, which creates a lot less for underclassmen to do on weekends. Towson is a great place to be when 21 or older but for students younger than that, there isn't much to do.


The worse thing about the school so far is waiting for a bus around campus. The bus schedule doesn't easily fit into the class schedules, after some classes you have to wait around for a bus for about thirty minutes.


The Glenn Complex Dining hall. The food is not that great there.


The worst thing about my school is the location. There are constant updates from police about off campus armed robberies, stabbings, vandalism, ect. which causes for it to be very frightening to leave campus especially alone to get to work.


The majority of the academic advisors are pretty useless. Most of my friends agree, that their advisors don't help them at all. Mainly I just use mine to take the holds off of my classes so I can register for the next semester. One other thing that disappoints me about my school is the lack of communication and cooperation between the educational departments. Each one has a lot to offer towards the other such as the Film, Theater and Art Departments. There seems to be a barrier between them.


The school has too large of a campus and too many people. I feel like I am always getting lost and taking detours around construction. I do not know where anything is except for the couple building that house my classes.


The worst thing about my school is the smoking rules. There are designated areas for smoking directly outside the buildings. This causes smoke to go inside the buildings where people eat. It's also disturbing walking through clouds of cigarette smoke on the way to class.


I would have to say that the worst thing about my school is the distance i have to travel. Although, i can see that they are already trying to solve that problem by offering some Towson classes at Harford Community College, they're just not the classes that i need for my degree.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the parking. Everything about the parking is horrible. Parking passes are expensive, you can never get out of the parking garage, and it is completely over-crowded. I have had to park at the mall down the street and walk almost a mile and a half to school because of parking and this semester I can not even afford the pass so I will most likely be doing this everyday.


Parking, advising, and expensive food. It is difficult to find a decent parking space during the school day, and teh campus is really strict about parking tickets. A $75 ticket for a first time offense. The advising is not up to par. I know of many students who must stay an extra semester/year, due to bad advising. And the food is expensive.


I haven't yet attended Towson University, but I have been accepted and will be in the Spring. Therefore, I do not know about the worst thing about Towson. Currently though, I attend the Community College of Baltimore County and the worst thing about that school is that most students don't take it too seriously because it is simply a community college. Also, professors seem to treat it the same and it feels more like I am back in high school.


It is difficult for me to complain about Towson because my experience there was excellent. However, after some thought, I came up with a complaint. The worst thing about Towson University is the way the campus is built on a hill and how it slopes steeply from Cook Library, at the top of the hill, to the Athletic Center, at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes it could be a difficult haul after class when leaving the Athletic Center with a heavy backpack full of books and hike up to the humanities department, located next to the library.


I see nothing bad about my school at all. It is a really great school, in my opinion, and I never want to leave it, not even for the holidays. I love Towson University, and I'm glad I'm in it.


The only problem I've had is the fact that upperclassmen get first grab for class registration.


One thing that really bugs me is the lack of computer labs, plus you must pay to print papers. At the other school I attended there was several computer labs in each building and it was unheard of to pay to print.


Sometimes you have to pay for a taxi instead of walking.


The worst thing about my school is sharing bathrooms but it something to get use too.


It's a commuter school. parking is quite a hassel and on the weekend, there is not a lot of people around. But ther is pretty to do off campus, as well as the Campus activity board always sponsors events to get students to come often.


I would consider the worst aspect of my university to be the run-around students have to deal with from faculty. When students have issues with a professor they usually attempt to deal with the conflict by speaking to that professor. When the professor and the student are unable to come to some agreement on the issue, which happens often, the student then seeks help from the faculty member in charge of their professors department. In my experience the faculty in charge of many liberal arts departments are unwilling to assist students with their needs.


Support of alumni


Too much Greek life and emphasis on it. There are so many different kinds of people with many unique interests at the school, and yet, in the forefront are people who dress and act the same and are basically there to party and be lazy with their school work.


The only thing I don't like is how my college likes to take money from me.


In my opinion, I think the worst thing is the lack of parking spots for students.


some teachers are horrible


Don't really know how to get involved. I thought it was hard to make friends and go to different campus functions because you never know about them.


The worst part about my school is the conflicting lives of the commuters and those students living on campus. It is a commuter-campus, yet there really isn't much activity to involve those who only attend school for classes. They tend to feel left out.


I Think the worst part about my school is the environment. There are a lot of hills and steps everywhere! Another thing is that there are police everywhere! I feel like I'm always being watched and that if I step one foot out of line, than I'll be charged with something crazy. Finally, the campus is dead on weekends and I wish it wasn't.


The worst thing about towson would probably be the limited amount of parking. Most of the students are commuters from areas 15 minutes or less from campus and parking can be difficult and stressful between 9am and 2 pm. Towson has provided shuttles that go to 4 different apartment complexes in the area but i dont know how much this has benefited parking since this is my first year with a car.


I don't like that the people who attend my school are cold and not very open to new people. A lot of TU students know someone there from highschool, or many people. I came with no one and it was hard for me to meet new people because everyone had groups in place already.


I think the most unfortunate aspect of Towson is that because it is affordable it attracts many students who want a degree and don't necessarily care about learning for its own sake. That is, I think that often there is a lack of respect for the gift of education that is reprehensible. Towson is very affordable and makes itself available to a wide range of students and should be appreciated for it.


the weather, because its radom at times


the parking situation. it is a majoroty commuter school. they do not acccomodate very well in this aspect.


Housing and parking. Getting housing is difficult, especially as an upperclassman or transfer. New freshman students are only assured housing untill they reach a certain credit limit, so in a way motivated students who take alot of classes/credits are forced out more quickly than those who take the minimum of 12 credits each semester. Even if you decide to live off campus, the parking situation at TU is quite difficult unless you arrive on campus before 9 or 10 am.