Towson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are able to spend hours doing homework and studying.


Someone that's open-minded and friendly. Someone that loves to have fun but also has ambitions and is ready to wrok hard to reach their goals.


Towson University is for someone that is looking for the best college around maryland with a reasonable tuition. someone that wants to get a quality education with out sacrificing the ability to graduate with little to no loans


If you are looking for a school that focuses mainly on liberal arts, such as Art and English majors, then Towson is the school for you!


middle class and above


People who would like to be taught by dedicated faculty & advised by knowable staff, want to be close to a city (Baltimore), and want to have meaningful relationships with other students on campus should attend Towson University. The employees at Towson are committed to students to help them graduate. Being close to Baltimore allows students to be able to travel into the city to gain career experience or have fun within the city on the weekends. Students are very friendly and open to gaining new friends, so they can work together on assignments and projects.


Prospective students that should attend this school are people who are serious about acquiring a bachelor's degree in their chosen field. Towson is viewed as an ideal school to attend especially in my current field of computer science. In addition to their great programs, Towson also has a beautiful campus. If the top tier education does not grab your attention, the campus scenery sure will. Anyone that wants to get their respective degree and enjoy the different activities provided, should attend Towson University.


This school is full of diversity! There is something here for everyone. The one thing I found to really enjoy about this school is how friendly every one is. When you are walking into a building, someone will hold the door open for you. Towson has a great campus with an even greater community.


Somone who just wants to play sports, or get away from mom and dad, and one not who aims to excell, broaden, enlighten, embolden and strengthen other students and faculty, working cohesively together for the common good of a goal or purpose to which hopefully they should be striving.


Students who are really dedicated to their academics. If you love to learn, and want to live on a beautiful campus with friendly people, while learning new, fun things, come to Towson.


A person looking for a University where they won't get lost in the shuffle. I think Towson is just 'big enough' to be a pleasant place to matriculate.


A person that wants to learn and graduate with a degree.


A person who attends this school should be a well-rounded individual. This person should be able to work well in groups. Towson is a diverse setting for students. A person should be hard working.


The education program is the best in the area. Anyone who is going into the field of education should consider Towson.


A person who is interested in paying a ton of money to be in a sorority, with girls who don't even like you.


Towson University does not really have a 'type'. Friendly, open, and diverse students will flourish at Towson because of the opportunities. The clubs allow students of all political, racial, ethnic, and interest-based backgrounds to have somewhere to feel at home. Commuter students are able to obtain a great education, and there is still a strong on campus community. Overall, anyone COULD do well at Towson University, because of all of the resources and openmindedness.


Someone who is looking for a campus expierence without it beeing to overwhelming.


Someone who is motivated and wants to get close to their teachers. Smaller classrooms in a good-sized university. Must have great school spirit and be ready to work hard to achieve good grades.


Towson is a very liberal school. Towson makes students broaden their horizons by taking numerous general education classes in various types of majors. This is a school that makes you well rounded and has strong focus on so many majors. I feel Towson is an excellent school for students that might not be completely certain on what they would like to do in life; that way they have many classes to take and explore their options.


if you wanna be in a metropolitain area and want to be able to easily walk to what ever you need


A student that attends Towson University is one that is bright and full of ideas for their future in the career world; a student at Towson is one that is willing to put in a lot of time and learn to the fullest; students at Towson are those who love the challenge of what is thrown at them and will do anything to achieve the greatest.


I believe anyone can attend this school and have a positive experience. There is a diverse campus and many activities and clubs for everyone.


Towson University fits anyone and everyone. There are lots of programs and clubs that reach out to all different types of people. There is not a "typical student" here at Towson. No matter what it is that you are interested in, there will be some sort of organization that will cater to your interests and needs. Towson University is a school for anyone that is looking to better their education and achieve their goals.


Someone that would like to attend a big university.


The is no specific type of person that should attend Towson University. We do not discriminate. We love everyone.


A person that is outgoing and willing to seek opportunities for themselves. Everyone can fit in, it is just a matter of taking the initiative yourself to do so. Once you find a niche for you in the school, it will make your college experience easier and more fun. If you don't want to be as involved, this school does not make you feel like it is neccessary to be involved. It is okay to not know what you want to do for the first year or so, not many students do know.


Any peson with an honest passion to learn should apply to this school. Towson University really encourages diversity, they accept students from all over the country, and even internationally.


Honestly, any one person can attend this school and achieve what they really want.


Towson provides many options in terms of majors so there are different kinds of people available. There are minority, international, and caucasian students. There are both low and high income students. Although the school is majority white students there are a reasonable amount of minority students.


A person who has their priorities in order, has their head on straight, likes to make new friends, likes to stay physically active, a person who likes to participate in class, likes to have fun, likes to shop, willing to work with others, willing to try new things, and a person who focuses on their future is a kind of person who should attend Towson University.


I Believe that people who are goal orentatied and driven should attend college. Individuals who have ambition and soild plans for there future should attend this school. Towson Univeristy also promotes diversity and accptance of all races, genders, religions, and cultures. Individuals who cherish and apreciate diversity should attend Towson University. Students who plan to work hard and still have fun and be invovled in a positive welcoming community should attend Towson Univeristy.


One who is interested in persuing a career in teaching, business, communications, speech pathology, or pre-med. One who would like to be involved on campus or with extra curricular activities. One who is interested in greek life.


The type of person that should attend this school is some one who is dedicated to their future and improving their lives. You can get a great education and experience from here.


I think the type of person that should attend Towson would be a very hardworking and dedicated student who is determined to learn, but have an enjoyable experience in the meantime. Everytime I've been on Towson's campus I have met and interacted with a number of outgoing and friendly people.


A person who absolutely loves college and all it has to offer. Someone who is willing to try something new and explore their horizons, while getting the education that is provided for these explorations.


Any students who are looking for a great place to study and to have the best college experience.


I think anyone can attend this school. You would have to be focused on studies enough and not slack off.


A person who is ready to learn more about them selves and further their future.


Any one can attend this school based on its wide range of diversity and undergraduate programs.


Someone who doesn't mind it being a little dead on campus. This person would have to be able to make their own college experience what it is. They can't sit around and complain that there is never anything going on - instead they have to be content with the down time and take advantage of different opportunities, activities and clubs the campus offers. Someone looking for things to be going on ALL the time, Towson wouldn't be a good choice for them. It's still a big commuter college which takes away from the life of the university.


Student who desire to attend Towson University should be goal oriented, with a passion for success. Students should have a desire to experiece other cultures, and be open to others from a different background and ethnicity. Students should also be driven to participate in school and community activities.


Someone who is willing to take the time to explore the campus and what it has to offer as well as work to discover what they are looking for in their education. Towson will provide the oppurtunities, but it is up to the individual to take them and succeed.


One who is goal oriented and academically driven, yet wants to get involved and make the most out of their college experience.


If a student is very focused, and has high confidence when it comes to communication in the classroom should attend Towson. Some one who is creative, open minded and outgoing will be able to survive at Towson also.


Everyone should attend this school. Not only is everyone excited to be here, but the friendships you make will last forever and the education you receive is irreplacable. Because of where the school is located, it is easy to find ways to have a good time while still keeping an academic focus.


Due to the size of the school, outgoing individuals should attend Towson. When faced with such a large student body, it is intimidating for freshman to make themselves known at Towson. Therefore, confident individuals who are comfortable speaking in front of a large class would fair well here. In addition to outgoing, students at Towson should also be hardworking. Towson University is a demanding environment, in which students are asked to challenge themselves and each other on a daily basis.


Liberal Arts students, liberal political views, drinkers, people who like Indie music


Someone that lives in MD or the surrounding states, because alot of people go home on the weekends.


Any type. Smaller school, but alot of students so it could appeal to many types of people.


In order to attend Towson, especially the College of Education, a person should be hardworking and perseverant. Towson is known for its high-quality teaching program, so students who are serious and passionate about teaching should go to Towson. The College of Education believes in a constructivist way of teaching. This means students at Towson are active learners, and they are encouraged to teach their future students in a way that is inquiry-based and hands-on. Towson is perfect for a person who believes that learning is lifelong and that an education is invaluable.