Towson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is NO type of person that should not attend Towson University. Towson is for any and everyone who wants a diverse opportunity. This great school will satisfy anyone with any type of needs that they have. There is no "type" of person that should come to Towson.


Anyone can attend Towson University, there is big university events, greek life, and even small clubs of all kinds.


Someone who is serious about learning or applying themselves, contributing, participating in class, and sharing with others or giving of their time. The school envrionment, though generally amibale, is rather clickish and not very cohesive. The faculty / student interaction / relationship where it exists, seems to be on an individual basis more than out of a community focused spirit. It appears there's a division between the faculty and student body as a whole. Students look to do just what gets them by. Seemingly, the problem originates at home, juxtaposed with the faculty's inability to cope with the problem(s).


A person who is interested in a more technical field of study such as engineering or a person who wishes to conduct research as part of their schooling should look at other universities as this one does not provide such oppurtunities.


Anyone who is extremely unfriendly, hates good food, dislikes comfortable atompshere, and can't stand enjoying themselves while gaining an education.


If you are looking for a small school where people stay on the weekends and hang out together Towson is not the school for you. Most people work or go home on the weekends. Most people stay in their own comfort zones, meaning keep a small circle that they do not derive from.


Any late person should not attend Towson University.


A person that is only there to party and meet people.


Towson is an extremely diverse school. Someone looking for a close-knit, small, quiet school should not look into it. Towson has activities for all types of people and is down the street from Baltimore, an even more eclectic and opportunity-filled area. However, someone who is not patient with and/or open to concepts like political campaigning, greek activities, and bar-life will have a rough time finding a nitch.


Though there are so many students at this school that one could easily find a niche they find inviting, a majority of the students tend to keep to their own "group." I don't recommend attending this University if you don't desire to stick to one group of friends. It can be difficult to make friends unless you find your social niche.


A laid back individual that is not used to making decisions on their own. Also a lazy person because without the work, there will be no progress.


Anyone who is closed minded and not open to new ideas. A person who is traditional in the sense that a formal education to them means a professor lecturing, three papers and three exams.


Students who are not ready to settle down and begin to study very hard should not attend this school. This is a place where you work hard and play hard. There are many activities to keep you busy and invloved in school, but because this is an open campus you can get yourself into trouble if you are not careful. If you had studying problems in high school don't take on a heavy load your first semester. Take only 12 credits if you are a fulltime student and talk with your advisor which you get for your first year.


If you don't want to be in a metoroploitan area then this isn't what you want


Someone that is looking for a small college.


The type of person that should not attend school is one whome really do not want to go to school. Also, someone that dose not take school serious.


A lazy person wouldn't like this school, because it has many hills and stairs to go places. And since fun things are happening all over campus all the time you're going to want to get around.


If you're the type of person that hates the outdoors, or areas with alot of trees I would not say that Towson is the school for you. If you're just looking for a good time and wild parties I would also say that Towson is just not the place to be. Towson is full of school spirit and if you don't have that mybe you should find another school to attend.


Students without motivation or personal goals should not attend Towson University. It is very regimented and has an intense course study would not be appropriate for students who are not sure of their future or think college is a place to party. Only students who are focused on their future and a higher education should attend this university.


The only type of person who should not attend Towson University is someone who is unmotivated or looking to just party and coast through college. Towson is competitive and the professors expect participation and genuine effort; students who habitually skip class and then try to beg for extra credit in order to pass will get nowhere. Such slacking behavior is not tolerated; the professors feel that giving out passing grades to those who do not earn them is unfair to the rest of the students who are honestly interested and work hard to learn and earn their grades.


The only type of person that would not like Towson University would be people who are more rural and enjoy open spaces. Towson University is in the center of a city and in very close proximity to Baltimore City and the Inner Harbor., so unless you enjoy city-living and the constant excitement of being in a city, Towson University may not be the place for you. Other than that many different types of students enjoy Towson: LGBT, African American, Adult Students, there is quite a variety present!


An overly religious individual or someone who doesn't like diversity.


Anyone who doesn't take school seriously. It's a great school, there's great events and everyone has a good time while focusing on schoolwork.


A person who has no ambition to study or work hard.


I do not think anyone should avoid attending Towson University. There is plenty to do for all kinds of personalities and I find it hard to believe that someone would not be satisfied with this college. The classes here, while not ivy leage level, do challenge students and provide groundwork for a successful career after graduation.


It's hard to say who shouldn't attend this school. I feel that students need to find a school that fits them, and wlecomes them. If Towson isn't right for them, advisors are more than helpful with finding other schools for a perfect fit.


happy people who like to party and have fun, but also know how to be serious when it's necessary.


This school accepts everyone! Everyone should attend Towson U.


People who should avoid Towson include those intrested in the party-style college life portrayed on television and in movies. This university doesn't cater to nor tolerate binge drinking, drug use, wild parties or violent behavior. Also, people uninterested in attenting class/lecture and those who are in-active learners shouldn't consider Towson University because it offers an upbeat, involved learning environment and missing class often is usually detrimential to your grade.


People looking for a really large or really small school.


If you're looking for a small school you should not attend Towson University.


Tight-knit communtity type of people. If you want to know everyone on campus, definitly don't go to school here. Your lucky to run into just one person you know a day.


There is no kind of person who wouldn't be able to find their niche at Towson. Even if you don't partake in alchohol, the weekend's most popular activity, there are tons of people who don't drink. Any minority, whether its race religion, or your likes and dislikes, will find other people like themselves because Towson is so big; its also easy to find/ feel accepted by people not like yourself too. It has almost every major. Maybe the only type of person who wouldn't want to come here is the person who hates the city.


If you are looking for a school that will help you build social networks amongst the wealthy and influential then Towson is not the school for you. I think that Towson offers the possibility for social advancement and job placement but it is based on personal motivation and forming good relationships with professors, not by being friends with the son of the guy that owns wherever you want to work in the future.


anyone who wants to better their self


Someone who likes the city life.


Towson University is not a school for someone who is looking for a very challenging academic atmosphere, where there is constantly a competative feel. It is also not a school for anyone wanting the small close knit community feel, where classes are small and everyone shares the same general opinions and mind-set. I would also not recommend this school to anyone who does not want to be socially involved in activities, because I feel that its one of the main ways in which students on campus connect.


Someone who isn't white. Many people will discriminate you for the way you look, for how different you look. The right person for this school, is an upper middle class/high class white individual. Yes, it might seem that the university is trying to be much more diverse, but the students themselves are no working on this. So if you are a minority and if you are from a lower class family, bee prepared to feel out of place. But eventually you will start becoming just like them.


a person that doesnt like small class room sizes and a person who does not like a city environment


I would encourage anyone who is hardworking and motivated to attend this school.