Towson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's easy to get the classes you want with the professors you want and you get to choose when during the day your classes are. This is great because you are the only one that knows how your schedule should be.


The best thing about Towson University is that it offers a very wide range of activites for students to be involved in. Whether its for fun or for learning, there is always something that a student can do here that would be beneficial to them in some way.


I find it that it is very convenient to attend college that is only an hour away from my parents house. It allows me to travel home when I get a break from my studies.


The best thing about my school is that Towson University makes you feel welcome and part of the Towson family. Faculty and staff are very friendly and caring about thier students. I love the friends I have been able to meet and how we help each other out with homework. One of the very best things about this school is the security that I feel at college.


I really enjoy the diversity that Towson University provides. Neighboring schools just don't seem to compare to Towson's melting pot of different religions, ethnicities, background and income levels. In addition, Towson is located in Baltimore County, Maryland but has an array of students from all of Maryland, Deleware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in addition to students from all over the country and world. I've heard first hand from peers that TU has provided the unique opportunity of socializing with all kinds of people they've never been able to.