Towson University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


Because it was the closest to where I live and a good option.


I actually didn't have a choice on which school I wanted to attend. My siblings had already settled down at Towson so my parents dimmed it fit for me to join them as well and I don't regret joining my siblings at Towson one bit.


I decided to go to Towson for a few reasons. One was because it has an amazing Physical Education program and I really want to get a job after school. Another reason was because of the size and atmosphere. When I toured here I fell in love with everything Towson had to offer. The last reason was that it is close to home, but far enough away that I feel independent.


Great programs, beautiful campus, great area!


I decided to go to Towson because it has a great art program and I pay in state tuition. I also loved the green campus, there are trees everywhere, it does not feel like you're in the middle of a huge city.