Transylvania University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sometimes it seems like the 5th year of high school because the school is so small.


I dislike the strong focus on fraternaty and sorority activities and how they are promoted by the schools but never punished when they do something wrong. It's as if being a member makes you immune to mistakes in the administration's eyes. Many memebers are the ones who are drunk or doing drugs all the time but they never see any consequences for it.


It has a rather liberal approach to most controversial issues, which I believe leads to biased thinking. Differing opinions should be treated more fairly.


The cafeteria and other dining options are very unhealthy. Combined with high stress levels, this environment is not as beneficial for students as it could be.


Worst thing about Transylvania is the curfew. I feel like it's a little outdated and it implies that the students are making mature adult decisions.


You have to cross a 4 lane street to get from the housing side of campus to the academic side. It can be dangerous.


Too small, with a lot of the same type of people. Mostly middle to upper class students. Not much diversity. Greek life is HUGE. Drinking and partying on the weekends is pretty much a given. Kind of expensive.


The Rumor Mill. If you mess up or get caught at something it will haunt you. The school is so small that everyone will know what you did in a matter of moments, and never let you forget it.


I personally don't have a problem with Greek life, but if you are not involved in it there is not much for you to do!