Transylvania University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Transylvania is for students who want to learn; not only about curriculum but about themselves and others. World views vary widely here and it gives students a chance to question or reinforce their own beliefs. The student should also be open minded because the best education is absorbed when it is accepted willingly.


Anyone wanting to study every subject possible or wanting to try many different subjects, since it is a liberal arts school and you have to take at least one class in each divison. Someone who like to talk in class and have lots of interaction with fellow calss mates.


Transy is a very open, accepting place, so I don't feel like there is a type or kind or person who should attend. If you visit campus and feel like you could see yourself there, then come there.


The type of person that should attend this school should be open to new ideas, be able to participate in class discussions, not afraid to ask for help, be comfortable with professors, and eager to learn.


Very motivated, and taditional


One with an open-mind and appreciation for knowledge.


Someone who's looking for a smaller school in an urban setting where they'll get to know their teachers and fellow students well. Someone who won't have to deal with just getting "lost" in a sea of people and actually forming lasting relationships with others. And finally, someone who wants to have an active campus with a variety of things to do.


Anyone who desires vital social interaction, enjoys the humanities, and hopes to achieve a higher learning should attend Transylvania.