Transylvania University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is probably registering for classes as an underclassman. Transy does all registering in person, so you have to be there really early to get a good spot in line. Also, they do it in alphabetical order, from A-Z for the fall semester, and from Z-A for the Spring Semester. Sometimes it is difficult to get the classes you need until you are an upperclassman. Teachers are usually willing to work with you and give you a course pass, though.


Sometimes the work load is so high it is literally impossible to do all that is asked of a full time student in all of a student's classes.


Haveing to decide what your going to major in quickly. If your not sure or have some idea what you want to do coming in then its possible you won't graduate on time. Also its hard to get two majors that are in the same field (Chemistry/Bio, Math/CS) because of all the general requirments that are needed for each major.


The most frustrating thing is the tough academic load and the amount of work placed upon students. However, I have been told that in the end, it all pays off.