Trevecca Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are committed to receiving an excellent education in a Christian atmosphere that is highly influenced by the creativity of living within the limits of such a thriving artistic city.


My classmates are encouraging, friendly and helpful.


The students at Trevecca are great. There is balanced racial structure. There is no dress code or anything really, and campus is pretty chill. There are rich kids and poor kids, liberal and conservative. It is very balanced, and no person gets singled out or prejudiced.


Classmates here are more than just people, they are life-long friends and a real family.


They are nice and friendly but the majority of students on campus will not challenge you in their vigor for educational success.


Continually striving to catch a global perspective of life, the students on campus are committed to fighting for social justice and promoting change by being the change they wish to see and loving unconditionally.


Most of my classmates are really great. There are some that I don't agree with on lots of things, but I can still get along with them. There are lots of very dedicated and supportive people attending this school.


Happy-go-lucky kids, most whom have never been exposed to the real world.


They are friendly and helpful.


My classmates are kind and friendly people who are all apart of the Trevecca community.


my classmates are helpfull


They are caring people who care about each other and their well-beings.


Encouraging but competitive -- many friendships which encourage me to better myself personally, academically, etc.