Trevecca Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Trevecca, being a Christian college, is best known for its family atmosphere. Anyone who comes through Trevecca no matter what major will walk away feeling like he or she were a part of one large family. Through the facility and the students, there is nowhere one could not find help or comfort. The teachers are always willing to help if a student is struggling in a class, and if someone seems to be having a bad day, he or she is bound to be asked if there is anything that can be done for him or her.


My school is best known for how strong our faith in God is. There is a chapel you can go to everyday even on the weekends. Also, there are various events to go to where you and your friends can share your faith in God.


Trevecca is best known for music within the christian society. For one it is in Nashville, TN, which is music city, and opens up many opportunities. And the christian part comes from the fact that TNU is a christian college.


It is a Nazarene University, so the Religion department is very well known. Its music department is also very good--for example, a classical a capella group, the Madrigalians, takes an annual trip to several other countries to perform. It is mostly a Liberal Arts school and strong in those areas.


Christian atmosphere. Excellent business programs.


Trevecca is best know for it's music, religion, and education programs.


Trevecca is Known for its Religion department, teaching class, and excellent music related programs.


Preparing Christian students to enter into a non-christian world to be Christ like, in their words, actions, professions, and daily life. Striving for success in their walk with God, family, jobs, friends and the community around them.