Trevecca Nazarene University Top Questions

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My school is unique because it is a small private Christian University. At my school it is okay to show your faith in God versus most schools where it is frowned upon. Also, the average class size is around 16 students which is lower than most high schools. With the small class sizes you recieve personal attention from your professors and they are happy to help you and watch you succeed.


While we are in Nashville, Trevecca is different because it gives you a calmer, more conservative experience of what it means to go to school in a big city. Trevecca is big on self-discipline and self-growth over the years you attend with emphasis on spiritualiy and academics.


It is a small christian school so the campus enviornment is all together friendly and close to each other. It is not an uncomfortable envirnment in any means. I have heard from friends from different colleges saying that their professors are hard to get a hold of out of class which is not at all true at Trevecca. I have also heard that there are different groups around campus that they do not socialize with. At Trevecca there are different groups that are more familar to you, however, it is not a common practice to only stay within your group.


The small community makes us a great place to build strong friendships.


It is not worth the money. Yes it is a private college... required chapels, early night curfews, and small student body... but where are the essentials in providing a good college experience much more the education.


The involvement of the professors in the students' lives; one of my professors helped me get a job even before I graduated. The student community is very close-knit, and I loved the small size of the classes, especially as I got into my more specialized major classes. The English department was much stronger than other nearby colleges, and there is a strong focus on maintaining your relationship with God no matter your career.


Trevecca Nazarene University is unique in the aspect of the school's compassion. Almost everyone on the campus works with each individual with the concern for the individual in mind.


Great location to downtown Nashville. Small campus but pretty. Good sense of community!


My school is unique because of it's close family relational feeling.


There is just as much focus on a person's spirituality as his/her academics.


Prof's care about individual students. Loving Christian Environment.