Tri-County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Try harder and be the best you can, because when you get to college it is alot more work then you expect.


My advice to myself would be to use this time in my life to chart my course. Only through gaining a thorough education will I be able to achieve my desires. The world is open to me and the possibilities are endless as to my outcome but only through furthering my education. I would remind myself of the numerous others that I know who , because of a lack of higher education, struggle to enjoy their lives because of endless bills and a dead end job. I would encourage myself to keep my goals plainly posted where I can daily see this and so be reminded to persevere. If I could know as I talked how school at Tri County would be I would offer myself an encouraging word knowing that this is the right place to start my life as a contributing member of society.

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