Trident Technical College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It's a good school if you are starting you becuase you will save money, but don't let yourself slip or you will be burried in work and debt.


Trident Technical college is a great school because there is always someone to assist you in whatever you may need whether it be a student or faculty member.


Great flexibility of classes for a student working at the same time as attending school.


Trident Technical College is a reasonably cost effective, local option for students who want anything from a single class to a degree.


Allows you to get back what you put in.


Trident Technical College has both an interesting and challenging courses; the professors truly do give the students life changing experiences because they vary so greatly in background.




With hundreds of programs available, Trident Tech is has the most diverse campus I have ever seen. Everyone, from the two year transfer student, to the elderly individual who simply seeks to expand their knowlege are welcome here with open arms. That, paired with a relatively simple and localized building layout, make the campus not only easy to navigate but essentially self explanatory; but let's not forget the financial advantages that make going here the most affordable alternative to any other four year institution.


My school is an affordable way for me to earn credit forbasic classes before transferring to The Citadel to finish my degree.


A place where people of any age can help expand their education through low-cost classes.