Trident Technical College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would describe my classmates at trident tech as very diverse. There are multiple nationalities with very different income levels. Some are dependent and others are not. Some participate and other do not. Majors are somewhat diverse because I am still in an early stage of my education. My concerns entering my classroom is not my classmates but rather the asssignment so this diversity does not bother me. I prefer a smaller class because it permits a teacher more individual time.


My diverse group of classmates have been open and tolerant of others viewpoints which encourages a very productive classroom experience.


My classmates at Trident Technical College seem to be as dedicated as I am in successfully completing our assignments and projects.


Some of the classmates are there just to later drop out, but the majority of my classmates are very dedicated students who strive to do their best.


They are serious, smart, question driven students that want to learn and do better for them selve.


My classmates are quite but they are very nice.


My classmates are very diverse, in terms of race, gender and age group.


My classmates are funny people we always have a good time in class.