Trident Technical College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Trident Technical College is known for having instructors who really do care about their students. The faculty there is always so pleasant.


I believe Trident Technical College is best known for their Culinary program. I think this not just because I am a culinary student, but because a lot of people I know have heard great things about the program and I am greatful to be apart of this growing culinary community. Proper managment and sanitation procedures ensures success in the food industry and so far in my school career I have been able to work with nothing but the best administrators and chefs at Trident.


Trident Technical College is known for offering edcuation for all ages. They have flexible schedules so that you can continue to work and take classes. They also offer numerous online courses that allow for the working adult to have more of a flexible school schedules.