Trident Technical College Top Questions

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there where many resons that i chose trident tech, one is because of the location. the staff are always there to help me whenever i need them. the culinary classes and labs are very nice and unlike other colleges that i looked into.


The central location, intimacy of the campus and the passion of the teachers.


They are fully accredited and trustworthy. There are many scams in the world these days and Trident Technical College is not one of them. They provide a legitimate education for those who are seeking degrees or certificates. They have many campuses around the city which also allows for you to choose the best location to take certatin classes.

kendra s

Trident Tech is an accreddited school, meaning I can transfer and take those hard earned credits with me to another accredited school of my choosing. And my personal favorite? On-Line courses! So convenient and propells one to adopt self control and time organizational skills to be successful. A win win when you incorporate the fact that assistance with any subject is only a phone call or campus visit away.


Its laid back and open.


What is unique about Trident Technical Community College is that the classes are small and diverse. It is an advantage for the classes to be the size of an average high school's classroom, therefore the student can become very familiar with the teacher and vise versa. Trident also provides free tutoring for students.