Trident Technical College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Tuition. I think the amount of money for credit hours is almost impossible to everyone to afford.


The cost of Textbooks and the fact that they have online codes. These codes are specific to the college and once you use them the text-book is basically worthless. The college will sell it to you for $150, you use it one semester and they will buy it back for $25. You might be able to sell it privately to another student for $40, because they will have to pay $50 for a new code. It is a racket.


The only negetive prosepctive I have to offer a future student who wishes to attend, Trident Techincal College is be aware that the finical aid office is a fight for everyone! The funding is out there, don't give up fight for it!


There is no on-site dorms, but it is a community college. Other than that it's great!