Trident Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The only person that shouldn't attend, is one who is not easily motivated. The staff (of which I have met) have been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and extremely prepared to answer any question I had. With that being said, if you truly don't have the will to better your life by attending this school, or any other like it, then you shouldn't attend, because it a great experience, and if you don't truly want that as part of your life, then you're going to miss out, and I personally wouldn't wish that for anyone.


The only people who shouldn't attend TRident Tech are those who aren't ready and or motivated enough to make it through. This school is based on self growth, almost like having training wheels on your first bike. If one isn't prepared to first learn how college works here the chances of them moving forward in higher education would be limited. So the only ones incapable of attending this school are simply those who have already told themselves they would fail before they even attend.


There isnt such thing as no one can attend a school to me. You can do whatever you want to do.


Trident Technical College is a very ambition and hardworking school that gives student a education that we motive them to further their education, and be able to get potential job offers, so to answer the question the kind of student that shouldn't attended this school is someone who is not willing to put in the extra work to achieve their dreams, someone who not willing to challenge themselves for the future, someone who just want a free ride , and someone who doesn't try their best to be all they can be.


Anyone can attend Trident Techincal College, it's said to be the best Techincal College in South Carolina. Students of all ages and backgrounds, even if your attending or wanting to attend a four year college. It's a great place to work toward a degree or just transfer credits. They have a great online option or evening classes for those that want to still work and go to College. I hear their Culinary department is excelent, too!


This school has a place for any student who wishes to come here. The instructors know what it is they are trying to teach the students. And most of all they seem to care more. After attending 2 4-year colleges, and having to come here for financial reasons, I realized what I had been missing. I have never had instructors that were so caring and honestly wanted to help their students succeed. So I cannot say that there would be anyone who should not go to this school.