Trident Technical College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known to look at home many different types of degrees are offerd. I would have gone back to school earlier!


I wished I would have done more research and known how reputable Trident Techical College was. If I would have taken the time to do so, I would not have wasted my time and money at another institution. I wouldnt be in so much student loan debt and I would have been working in my chosen field.


I wish I had known how to form study habits and how to fill out college applications better, I think that a lot of schools at least in South Carolina should include help with how to fill out college applications to really show the best in yourself. When I was applying to other schools or even jobs for that matter it would have been nice to know how to show myself in my resume or application better. If high school had taught me that and better study habits it would have helped a lot.


That there were so many adult-student programs available.

kendra s

I wish I had known that there were so many different degrees that pertain to me. I know that I want to be in health care or laboratory. I wish I had taken Probability and Stats and bypassed algebra altogether because Stats worked so much better for me. I also wish that I knew exaclty how easy it was to start classes and begin a new career that would start a whole new life for me and my family. Trident Tech allows me to work toward a solid degree so that I can persue the career of my eager life.


I am a transfer student who sought a cheap and easy alternative to the first two years of my future four year school. However, I soon realized that although the tech schools are more affordable, they are not in any way a more simple path to follow. In my laziness I allowed my grades to slip, and now am forced to postpone my transfer in order to raise my GPA. In esscence, I wish I not procrastinated when it comes to my school work, maybe then I would have stayed on a four year plan instead of five...


I wish I had known how hard college classes were and what it took to transfer to a four-year college.