Trident Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The teachers at my school are great. A typical student not interested in school enrolled at trident tech claims that teachers do not care and are not interested. That is not the case. My teachers have worked with me from the developmental stages and i am currently writing research papers and maintaining B averages in my english classes. They made sure to stress the importance of an education and all of their lessons had valuable meanings that truly helped me outside of the classroom psychologically.


The best thing would have to be the amazing helpfullness and friendliness of the staff and teachers. The minute I stepped foot on campus, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. I love my school and feel extremely blessed to be a part of Trident Technical College.


Trident Technical College employs some excellent teachers that genuinly seem to want their students to succeed. I believe good teachers can mean the difference between actually learning something and just absorbing information temporarily.


Trident Technical College has such a wide variety of programs which makes it open to just about anyone and anything they dream of doing. I think that is one of the best things a school can offer.


The ease of access and aid available to all students. My first year at this school was awesome! It was challenging in a multitude of different ways, but none of which were negative. Of course not everyone loves a challenge, and that's why there are so many options and avenues to seek out answers and help to get you ahead.


The best part of this school is the new fast forward style classes. This allows students like myself to speed through classes to get to another school in record time. Since i started school late due to the fact i wanted to work after high school, now i can catch up to those i graduated with. This is the best part of Trident Tech.


They have plenty of courses available to students in order to get them finished within 2 years with thier associate degree. Some community colleges are quite impacted and it takes up to 3 years to get a 2 year degree.


The helpful teachers willing to assist and answer all questions.


The best thing about Trident Technical College is the advisors. They are all so helpful and really want the students they speak with to be succesful and find the best possible path for their lives. Trident also has great programs for whatever path it is that you want to take for your major.


The best thing about Trident is that it feels like high school but a step above. It is a college that is preparing you for college in a way. They help you with transition to bigger colleges and to go out in the work field. The teachers are nice and there are a lot of people that are here to help the students in anyway that they need. The faculty are almost like a big family in the different departments.