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At Trine Unviersity, formaly Tri-State University, the most unique thing is the campus itself. To start off with classes are only about 30 or so people which makes class time a little bit easier when a student is confused in a subject. Another unique factor is our campus is growing! Each year something new is added. Within the last two years 6 new apartment style dorms were built and 2 new building for recreational activitys. So this school is extremely unique from any other college I have ever visited. Its also a very relaxing home enviornment to be in.

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Trine University is unique because the campus is really small and you can get to know just about everybody. The classes are small, the teachers are there for you whenever you need them, and there are plenty of homework help sessions. Also, this school had some of the nicest dorms I had seen than any other University. These apartment-style dorms are very nice and spacious, unlike other dorms that make you feel crammed and almost claustrophobic. I would recommend signing up early and getting the best chance to get into these dorms.

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Trine is a school that is focused on pushing its students acedemically, but provides little assistance in order to aid in the learning process. In general, the staff are less than helpful and very difficult to work with. Much of the learning is self taught and requires hours of outside work to be successful.

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I prefer a small school a couple thousand students, there are many activities you can attend, smaller classes so you get more attention from the professors.

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